RX Sorbo® Announces 20% OFF Discount Code

September 14th – 2011

For A Limited Time – Enter The Discount Code FORTHECURE
And Receive 20% OFF Any RX Sorbo Performance Insole Purchase

After selecting the RX Sorbo Performance Insole that best fits your needs just enter the promo code FORTHECURE at check out, and receive a 20% discount. This discount is for a limited time and applies to every RX Sorbo Performance Insole.

In addition $2.00 from the sale of every RX Sorbo Performance Insole including the “Limited Edition” Pink insole, sold through March 2012, will go directly to support the Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Race for the Cure.

Go to – and enter the promo code FORTHECURE at check out for 20% OFF.


RXSorbo Performance Insoles 20% Off Discount Code

RX Sorbo Performance InsolesMade in the U.S.A

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