Comfort & Performance Insoles

Sorbothane, Inc. has been a successful manufacturer and supplier of performance insoles to the athletic and medical markets for over 30 years. Sorbothane, Inc. is dedicated to providing a superior American made product - using domestically sourced materials - designed and produced by our team of American workers.

Sorbothane, Inc.

Sorbothane® - Shock Protection & Cushioning Comfort

Developed by materials scientist Dr. Maurice Hiles to mimic the body’s natural ability to protect against impact shock - Sorbothane® is a one-of-a-kind proprietary visco elastic polymer. 100% unique - Sorbothane® is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid - Sorbothane® absorbs impact shock and provides more comfort than any other insole material.

  • Sorbothane® is a proprietary visco-elastic material.
  • Sorbothane® absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock before it enters the body
  • It helps protects the entire body from damage due to dangerous shock waves
  • Sorbothane® naturally cradles the foot - enhancing the heel’s impact absorbing fat pad
  • Never bottoms out - Sorbothane® performs even in extreme conditions
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Trusted by Those You Trust

Sorbothane® insoles are recommended by doctors, sports medicine specialists and professional trainers for athletes of every level. Sorbothane® insoles are your best defense against foot pain, back pain and impact-related injuries.

Guaranteed Performance

All Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles are guaranteed to provide long-lasting comfort and shock absorbing protection.




Classic Full Sole

100% Sorbothane® Heel To Toe

Classic Full Sole inserts are made of 100% Sorbothane® from heel to toe. The Classic absorbs shock and provides cushioning in a slim profile insole that fits most shoes, even those without a removable insole.


Sorbothane® Heel Pad

Concentrated Protection & Cushioning

Concentrated heel strike protection and focused comfort. 100% shock-absorbing Sorbothane® with a Poron® cover. Fits any shoe.


Sorbothane® Ultra Comfy 

Ball-Of-Foot Cushion

Designed for Women - Sorbothane® Ball-Of-Foot Cushions provide all day and all night comfort. Stays in place. Soft top cover.


Maximum Duty

Durable Work Insole

Built to last - Maximum Duty Work Insoles absorb shock and provide long-lasting comfort. The Maximum Duty combines a molded air-infused foam base with a pure Sorbothane® heel inlay for shock absorbing comfort and impact protection. A strategically placed Sorbothane® metatarsal pad adds forefoot cushioning. Durable, comfortable and proven to help reduce pain.


Ultra Sole™

Support, Sorbothane® Comfort & Energy Return

Ultra Sole® Performance Insoles absorb shock, return energy and provide long lasting comfort. The Ultra Sole™ combines a molded air-infused base with a pure Sorbothane® heel inlay for shock absorbing comfort and impact protection. Strategically placed forefoot pad works to return energy.



Lightweight Sorbothane® Base & Heel

SorboAir® Replacement Insoles start with a base of air-infused Sorbothane® foam for lightweight comfort. Then a pure Sorbothane® inlay is added for heel-strike protection. SorboAir® Insoles will provide long-lasting cushioning and protection stride after stride.


Women’s Ultra Sole™

Designed For a Women’s Foot & Gait

The Women’s Ultra Sole® is designed for a woman’s foot and gait cycle. It combines a molded air-infused foundation with a 100% Sorbothane® heel insert for comfort and impact shock protection. The forefoot pad works to return energy.


Ultra Graphite Arch™ (High Arch)

Arch Support & Sorbothane® Comfort

The Ultra Orthotic Arch™ (High) Replacement Insole features a composite graphite arch support with the comfort and impact protection of Sorbothane®. A contoured air-infused base provides cushioned support while a pure Sorbothane® heel inlay offers heel-strike protection. Durable Ultra Graphite Arch™ Replacement Insoles maintain their stability, protection and shock-absorbing comfort month after month.


Ultra Graphite Arch™ (Medium Arch)

Arch Support & Sorbothane® Comfort

The Ultra Orthotic Arch™ (Medium) Insole combines graphite arch support and stability with comfort and impact protection. The molded air-infused base provides cushioned support while Sorbothane® inlays offer comfort and foot-strike protection. Long-lasting Ultra Graphite Arch™ Replacement Insoles maintain their stability and shock-absorbing benefits longer than any other premium insole on the market.


Sorbothane® ¾ Graphite Arch™

¾ Length Fits Any Shoe

The Sorbothane® ¾ Graphite Arch features an advanced arch support to help reduce excess foot motion and Sorbothane® to provide long-lasting, shock absorbing comfort. Designed to fit in any shoe the ¾ Graphite Arch insert will out-last and out-perform competitive insoles.