One Of A Kind! Sorbothane® Insoles Will Showcase Premium Insole Line At The Running Event 

November 24, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. announced today - for the first time - they will be exhibiting at The Running Event in Austin, Texas. The complete line of Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles will be available at the show for evaluation.


KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads Celebrating 30 Years as a Family Owned Business 

Posted by Evolve October 16, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. perfected a multiple layer production molding system. This allowed for a rigid mounting plate to be integrated with the solid Sorbothane® recoil pad. KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane® Recoil Pads have been independently tested and found to reduce more recoil than any other pad on the market. Sorbothane® absorbs more impact and recovers fully for the next shot. KICK-EEZ® Pads are made of solid Sorbothane® which allows them to be custom ground for a perfect fit. KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane® Recoil Pads are available in Pre-Fit, Grind To Fit, Slip Over, Multi- Layer and even patriotic red, white and blue pads.


Sorbothane® Insoles Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro 

August 12, 2015

Sorbothane® is a unique material that cradles the foot in comfort and helps protect the entire body by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock. Unlike many standard insole materials, which can bottom out and lose effectiveness, Sorbothane® performs even in extreme conditions. Durable and long lasting, Sorbothane® Performance Insoles retain their cushioning comfort significantly longer than other insoles on the market. Sorbothane® insoles are an excellent choice for anyone who walks, runs, works, plays sports or spends time on their feet.


New - Sorbothane® Interlocking Shock Absorbing System 

August 10, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. introduced an innovative system of interlocking Sorbothane® layers that can be customized to meet individual energy absorbing needs.


Sorbothane® Helps NASA Team Isolate Treadmill Vibrations 

August 05, 2015

Before the International Space Station’s new $5 million treadmill could be installed a unique problem had to be solved. Engineers needed to develop a vibration isolation system that would keep impact forces, generated when running on the treadmill, from shaking the entire Space Station.


Shock & Vibration Protection in Wet Environment Applications 

August 01, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. introduced Water-Resistant Sorbothane®, an innovation in shock and vibration materials. Sorbothane, Inc. engineers have developed a unique formulation that makes Water-Resistant Sorbothane impervious to moisture while maintaining Sorbothane’s impressive ability to attenuate shock and control vibration.


New Sorbothane® Brochure Features Product Information 

June 10, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. has released a new brochure. This comprehensive brochure describes the unique physical properties of Sorbothane®. Information and images on standard and custom components is included. The core values that have helped make Sorbothane, Inc. a successful American company - for over three decades - are highlighted. Markets served and product specific distributor contact information is also provided. 


Sorbothane® Introduces a New Engineering Design Guide 

June 05, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. announces a newly revised engineering design guide. This design guide has been developed to assist engineers in a practical, hands-on approach to designing with Sorbothane®.


Introducing a New Sorbothane® Standard Product Guide 

June 01, 2015

Sorbothane, Inc. introduced a newly developed Sorbothane® Standard Products Guide. This extensive guide has been developed to assist engineers and product designers in the selection of standard Sorbothane parts. 


A Different Kind of Innovation - Sorbothane, Inc. Launches New Website 

May 20, 2015

To us, Sorbothane® has always been more than just a name or material. Sure, it has a number of amazing characteristics, but those characteristics make it what it truly is – an innovative solution to some very interesting problems. We're proud to say our new website is ready to start telling that side of our story.

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