Entrepreneur Solutions Showcase

Ideas That Took Some Serious Shape

Sometimes, the right idea just needs the right material to turn it from a simple thought into a seriously effective solution. For countless entrepreneurs, that material is Sorbothane®. Our team has worked with a number of individuals in giving life to their innovative ideas. Below are just a few examples of the creative, problem-solving people we've worked with and the solutions we helped to create.


Defender Operations

Heel Defender Innovative Shoe Orthotics


Market: Medical Equipment Market

Product Idea: An orthotic shoe insert effective in transferring weight off the heel.

Inspiration: Heel Defender was born when Dr. Hanft, a foot and ankle surgeon, shattered his own heel, resulting in chronic pain and limited mobility.

Heel Defender Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: The engineering and production team at Sorbothane, Inc. collaborated closely with Dr. Hanft and Defender Operations. The Heel Defender Orthotic is a bio-engineered design that assists in the management of a number of foot conditions. Specific geometry and the proprietary material Sorbothane combine to maximize shock reduction and weight transfer off the heel. Decreasing the forces and pressure on the heel when standing and moving. The Heel Defender can be used in conjunction with standard of care treatments for many afflictions and disorders.

Heel Defender Sorbothane Solution

Killer Instinct® Crossbows

Vibration & Noise Reducing Bow Damper


Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness Market

Product Idea: A vibration and noise-reducing component for split limb crossbows.

Inspiration: As a hunter-driven company Killer Instinct is motivated to design equipment that instills confidence and is unmatched in the field.

SoleImpact Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: Our engineering and production teams worked closely with the staff at Killer Instinct Crossbows. The objective was to produce a Sorbothane component that would reduce vibration and help keep the award-winning Killer Instinct Crossbows stealthy quiet. Thus enhancing the hunting experience. The result is a friction-fit Deadening™ Limb Silencer. Made of Sorbothane it is the most effective noise and vibration damper on the market. The Limb Silencer comes standard on a number of Killer Instinct Crossbows and can be purchased separately.

SoleImpact Sorbothane Solution


Recoil Reducing Pads


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: Recoil-reducing pads for rifles and shotguns

Inspiration: While golfing, a friend introduced avid outdoorsman Willard Latimer to a piece of Sorbothane. "It sure would make a good recoil pad," Latimer said.

KICK-EEZ Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: To produce the recoil-reduction pads Latimer envisioned, we perfected a multiple-layer production molding system that allowed for a rigid mounting plate to be integrated with a solid Sorbothane recoil pad. Because our material is able to absorb more impact and allow the shooter to fully recover between rounds, KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads have been independently tested and found to reduce more recoil than any other on the market. In addition, because they're made of solid Sorbothane, they can be custom-ground for a perfect fit. As a result, KICK-EEZ Sorbothane Recoil Pads are available in multiple fits, and even patriotic red, white and blue colors.

KICK-EEZ Sorbothane Solution

Vibration Solution

Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: Vibration-absorbing pads for large appliances

Inspiration: An annoying second-floor washing machine's vibration affecting tranquil living space.

Vibration Solutions Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: We partnered with the Vibration Solution to engineer the most effective vibration-absorbing appliance pads available. Inspired by a noisy washing machine, Sorbothane turned out to be the perfect material to isolate and reduce the annoying vibrations from that specific appliance, as well as any other in the home. Once a simple solution to a singular problem, Silent Feet has been designed to reduce or eliminate noisy and harmful vibrations on virtually every washing machine and dryer on the market today. Silent Feet are easy to install, with each set featuring two "easy-slide" rear and two "super-sticky" front feet.

Vibration Solutions Sorbothane Solution


PeacePads® Protective Skater Pads


Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: Discreet hip and tailbone protection pads for skaters.

Inspiration: A personal, impact-related training injury sidelined Rachel, a young skater, from the ice for almost a year.

LiveKühn Solutions Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: The unique properties of Sorbothane made it the ideal material for PeacePads protective skater pads. Sorbothane attenuates shock, moving energy laterally away from the point of impact, and stays flexible, flowing like a liquid to correspond with a skater's movements. In this specific situation, the material's wide temperature range made it the perfect application in cold conditions, as it'd never get stiff or hard.

It took a year of testing materials and design before the computer-modeled PeacePads were ready for the market, but that time allowed PeacePads to find its way into other sports. Today, it enjoys wide usage in horseback riding, skateboarding, longboarding, motocross, mountain biking and skiing.

LiveKühn Solutions Sorbothane Solution

God' A Grip®

Self-Customizing Rifle And Shotgun Grips


Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: A comfort-feel, self-customized rifle and shotgun grip

Inspiration: An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Mike Goddard sought a consistent self-customized grip for his rifles and shotguns.

God' A Grip Solutions Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: We helped design an innovative Sorbothane grip to provide a custom fit for any individual's hand and shooting style. This universal grip enhances comfort and increases reliability, while the molded finger grooves allow for consistent hand placement for more accurate shots. Featuring a special 3M adhesive – God' A Grip will adhere to any wood or synthetic stock without harming the finish. With four models to choose from, there's a God' A Grip for most shotguns, rifles, crossbows, and pistols. Made and field-tested by hunters – for hunters – God' A Grip retains its comfort feel in the winter cold or summer heat due to the wide temperature range of Sorbothane.

God' A Grip Solutions Sorbothane Solution


Plantar F3 Foot Roller


Market: Medical Equipment Market

Product Idea: A multifunction "foot roller" to isolate the plantar fascia during stretching and treatment

Inspiration: The idea for this product came from a need to successfully treat the pain and burning caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as stretch and begin the healing process of the affected area.

Swede-O Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: We worked diligently to perfect a patented design first presented by a certified athletic trainer. As a result, the Sorbothane Swede-O Planter F3™ Foot Roller relieves heel and foot pain in three ways. First, the viscoelastic nature of Sorbothane promotes gentle stretching and massaging of the affected area. Second, the freezer-safe roller provides cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Third, due to the wide temperature range of Sorbothane, the roller can also be used for heat therapy to increase elasticity and facilitate healing.

Swede-O Sorbothane Solution


Shock Blocker Vibration Ring


Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: A simple product to stop a tennis player's or golfer’s elbow pain at the source - the hand.

Inspiration: Dr. Mark Greenberg, a sports medicine specialist, suffered from tennis elbow. While treating himself, he found he needed to target the cause of his pain, not simply cover up the symptoms.

TendonEase Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: Dr. Greenberg partnered with us to develop the Shock Blocker™, a comfortable Sorbothane ring worn on the finger to absorb the damaging shock created by impact in the hand. In addition to dampening shock waves causing pain in affected tendons in the forearm and elbow, the Shock Blocker also allows the injury to heal even while continuing activity. The Shock Blocker isn't limited to the tennis court, though. It can be used effectively for other equipment-gripping sports, as well as tool use.

Tendonease Sorbothane Solution

WS Distributing

Audio Isolation Feet


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: Vibration isolation feet for heavy audio/visual gear

Inspiration: Simply noticing an inability to get the full performance of audio/visual equipment due to vibration interference.

WS Distributing Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: We were tasked to design and build Sorbothane vibration-isolation "feet" that would maximize the true performance capabilities of heavier audio/visual equipment. With a proprietary shape developed for maximum effectiveness, the Sorbothane feet are used to isolate power amplifiers, receivers, power conditioners, and other weighty components. These versatile feet help keep the muddying effects of vibration out of the signal chain, allowing for cleaner, purer audio and video.

WS Distributing Sorbothane Solution

Road To Pro

ShockSorb Tennis Racket Vibration Damper

ShockSorb Kickstarter

Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: An effective tennis racket vibration damper that maintains a live racket feel.

Inspiration: Shoulder injury and recurring pain forced tennis instructor, and former pro, Sky Kim to search for a revolutionary product to control racket vibration and shock.

ShockSorb Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: The Sorbothane engineering and production team partnered with Sky to develop a racket damper that would reduce harmful vibration. While at the same time maintaining a distinctive satisfying “pop” when hitting a tennis ball. The design team was challenged to produce an effective damper that not only reduced “bad” vibrations but also was tear-proof and durable. Testing of the final production design of the ShockSorb shows the damper helps reduce pain and fatigue in the shoulder and arm. Blind tests were held with the participants raving about the ShockSorb’s feel, sound, and how much the damper helped with their arm pain.

ShockSorb Sorbothane Solution


Impact-Absorbing Socks


Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: A protective and comfortable "sock" that would absorb harmful impact shock and could be worn during training and activity.

Inspiration: Over 17 years of working with a diverse group of patients suffering from both acute and chronic pain and injuries as a result of impact strikes.

SoleImpact Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: After listening to the need and product idea, we partnered closely with SoleImpact’s founder, product designers, and end-users to engineer and produce a thin Sorbothane pad. The Sorbothane pad is designed to be stitched between layers of SoleImpact’s exclusive sock. The result is a comfortable sock that absorbs impact shock and, when worn consistently, can dramatically reduce pain and injuries related to overuse and impact, allowing the body to maximize its full potential.

SoleImpact Sorbothane Solution


Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads

Market: Sporting Goods and Fitness

Product Idea: Comfort pads designed to deliver stability, cushioning, and pain relief during yoga and workout routines.

Inspiration: Yoga enthusiasts’ requests for a supportive and confidence-building workout system that would cushion the joints and allow for ease of movement without pain.

SORBO-EASE Sorbothane SolutionSorbothane Solution: Sorbothane SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads provide solid support and comfort. Yellow Sorbothane GEL provides cushion and returns energy, while Blue Sorbothane absorbs up to 94.7% of impact stress. Flexible and lightweight, SORBO-EASE Pads support and cushion the body to absorb harmful impact and relieve stress to joints while exercising.

SORBO-EASE Sorbothane Solution

The Hook Studios

THS-MMD Microphone Decoupler


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: A vibration-reducing microphone mount.

Inspiration: To improve the clarity of recorded sound by reducing vibration to the microphone.

Hook StudiosSorbothane Solution: Our engineering team partnered with Hook Studios to design and produce the “Sorbothane compression center member” used in the vibration-reducing THS-MMD Microphone Decoupler. The Hook Studios’ Mechanical Microphone Decoupler is easy to use and universally compatible with most OEM microphone clip holders and mounts that use standard 5/8"- 27 threads. This patent-pending isolation mount reduces the vibration affecting microphones resulting in more clarity of recorded sources. The Hook Studios’ MMD provides this decoupled suspension and vibration absorption regardless of the microphone's direction or angle.

Hook Studios

Mayfield Athletics

S.A.F.E. Clip (Shock Absorbing Football Equipment)


Market: Sporting Goods & Fitness

Product Idea: An impact-absorbing facemask clip able to help make football safer for players.

Inspiration: The realization that football helmet facemasks are underdeveloped and have the potential for impact-absorbing innovation.

Mayfield Athletics SAFE ClipSorbothane Solution: The design team from Mayfield Athletics reached out to Sorbothane when searching for the perfect shock-absorbing material to use in their new S.A.F.E. Clip facemask brackets. Engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. collaborated closely with Mayfield to produce the Sorbothane center component used in the S.A.F.E. Clip design. The S.A.F.E. Clip deforms slightly with each impact - absorbing and deflecting potentially harmful forces. Returning almost instantly to its original state the S.A.F.E. Clip is ready for the next impact. Testing has shown that the S.A.F.E. Clip is capable of reducing up to 28% of G-forces to the facemask. Mayfield Athletics’ S.A.F.E. Clip retrofits over 95% of existing football helmets.

Mayfield Athletics SAFE Clip


The Ultimate Drum Damper


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: Create a consistent damper to get your snare drum sounding its best.

Inspiration: A need to provide a reliable damper to instantly modulate the tone of your drum.

Custom SnareweightSorbothane Solution: Just about anything can be used to damp a drum. Old heads, rings, tape, phones, clips, and towels - they all work to some degree to change the sound. Snareweight is designed to maximize the instrument by providing a uniform damping solution. Snareweight is the fastest way to get your snare drum sounding its best. Made of solid brass, a strong neodymium magnet (to secure to your rim, but removable), and interchangeable leather inserts that help shape your sound. Sorbothane inserts merge with the weight, friction, and magnet - all working together to create what we call "expressive damping"- giving color options to your playing all the way through the dynamic range. Snareweight's mission is to create durable, long-lasting products produced under U.S. Patent 8541675, to help the working drummer stay on top of the ever-changing music industry.

Custom Snareweight


Mobile Camera Systems


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: High-performance mobile and UAV camera platforms for the broadcast, motion picture, and industrial markets.

Inspiration: Develop an anti-vibration mobile camera system that integrates stability, versatility, and ease of use.

ShotoverSorbothane Solution: SHOTOVER partnered with the engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. to develop components that isolate vibration from the cameras mounted in their mobile systems. Sorbothane parts were designed, produced, and proven. Testing showed that Sorbothane works to control vibration in the gyro-stabilized SHOTOVER camera platforms. SHOTOVER’S complete line of camera platforms offers an unmatched level of stability, control, and can be mounted on helicopters, ground vehicles, and watercraft.


Nigel B. Design

Anti-Vibration Projector & Camera Mounts


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product Idea: Anti-vibration multi-camera brackets.

Inspiration: Allow the camera to be placed anywhere in the room disregarding vibration sources that can affect video quality. 

Nigel Camera MountSorbothane Solution: The Sorbothane engineering and production team partnered with Nigel B. Design to eliminate vibration that travels through wall mounts into sophisticated cameras. Sorbothane designed, tested, and produced a series of anti-vibration gaskets. These point-of-contact Sorbothane gaskets, affixed to a rigid wall mount, virtually eliminate any vibration flowing to the camera itself. Allowing the camera to be placed anywhere in the room without unwanted vibration affecting the picture quality.

Nigel Camera Mount

Grand Prix Audio

Monza System


Market: Consumer & Commercial Products

Product: Performance audio equipment isolation system designed to achieve the highest quality of music reproduction.

Challenge: Develop a new 3D modular support system, a rack solution to replace the Monaco. The new system would offer - better performance, better value, improved practicality, and greater versatility.

Grand Prix AudioSorbothane Solution: Engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. needed to work in harmony with Grand Prix Audio designers to develop Sorbothane dampers. The Sorbothane viscoelastic dampers, which convert energy to heat, sit under each shelf. The Monza System is supplied as standard with composite support levels that offer superior structural rigidity and more effective mechanical dissipation than the U-Tube supports used on the Monaco. These are combined with bamboo shelves/couplers and load-specific Sorbothane dampers to offer remarkable performance at the price. The new viscoelastic Sorbothane supports differ from those in earlier Grand Prix products in two ways: They are larger, which creates more surface area, and doughnut-shaped rather than solid, to provide more room for the material to move and change shape. Using four dampers per shelf has enabled the development of new weight categories for the dampers, with a narrow range of optimization for heavier equipment.

Grand Prix Audio