Precision Laboratory Equipment

Sorbothane® Isolates Disruptive Vibration

Centrifuge Medical Machine with Vials

When it comes to laboratory results, nothing but precision is acceptable. Especially when lives depend upon it.  However, test results are only as accurate as the scientists, technicians and the lab equipment being used during the testing process.

Not only must the equipment or mechanism be in acceptable running order, but outside influences on the machine should be minimized at best or eliminated altogether for optimum testing results. Variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, gravity, elevation, vibration, stress, strain, lighting, and more can impact the measurement result. To put it simply, if the equipment does not utilize stabilizers, inconclusive or inaccurate lab results will likely be a result.

This is where Sorbothane material, the trusted choice of engineers worldwide, should be utilized. Creating components that isolate vibration and attenuate shock, which can adversely impact the accuracy of precision laboratory equipment.

Sorbothane Isolates Disruptive Vibration

Sorbothane helps isolate laboratory equipment from disruptive outside vibrations. These unwanted vibrations can create issues with precision-testing and invalidate critical results. Sorbothane parts are vital components in protecting sensitive instruments. For example, vibration pads play a crucial role in the function of tilt-motion isolators, while custom parts are designed and produced to allow for the exacting and repeatable motion of laboratory centrifuges and mixers.

Long-Life Stability and Performance

Sorbothane performs over endless cycles, promoting the continuous operation and long-life of valuable appliances essential to laboratory equipment. This ensures outside vibrations do not impede accurate lab results after multiple applications.

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