Sorbothane Announces Production of New Performance Insole

September 18, 2017

The Ultra PLUS is the next generation Sorbothane® Insole.

Featuring a composite stability system and the unmatched comfort and protection of Sorbothane®.

Sorbothane® Impact Protection

  • Reduces harmful shock forces, helping to relieve pain and protect against impact injury.

Deep Heel Cup and Integrated Arch

  • Works to form a complete system, providing maximum stability and foot support.

Sorbothane® Cushioning

  • Mimics the body’s own shock-absorbing ability by cradling the foot in comfort and supporting recovery.

Cool, Dry and Odor-Free

  • Unique air channels and moisture wicking cover help to keep the insole cool, comfortable and fresh.

“It’s coming soon!,” announced David Church, President of Sorbothane, Inc.; “...following extensive testing and user input we have developed the next generation Sorbothane Insole – The Ultra PLUS. We are very excited to announce the Ultra PLUS will be available this fall. The new Sorbothane Ultra PLUS integrates a custom composite stability system with the exclusive protection and comfort of Sorbothane.”

"Sorbothane® Makes the Difference,” continued David. “Sorbothane® is a proprietary material that can absorb up to 94.7% of damaging impact shock. Because of its remarkable ability to control vibration and shock, Sorbothane was used by NASA to solve a vibration problem on the International Space Station."

Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles cradle the foot and help protect against harmful impact before it enters the body. Sorbothane is resilient and will never bottom out or loose effectiveness. Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS Insoles will continue to deliver comfort and protection; step after step, day after day.”

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