Ultra PLUS Performance Insoles | The Running Event 2017

October 25, 2017

Sorbothane Introduces The Ultra PLUS Performance Insole At The Running Event

Kent, Ohio - Sorbothane recently announced that they will be returning to The Running Event in November 2017, where they will be introducing the newly designed Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS Performance Insoles.

At this event, there will be exclusive show specials, which include 25% off all show orders and free Sorbothane® samples.

The Running Event

Nov 28th - Dec 1st, 2017

Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

Sorbothane Booth #631

Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS Performance Insole

The Ultra PLUS Performance Insole is the exclusive combination of stability and Sorbothane, which creates the ultimate comfort insole. Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS also provides the following:

  • Sorbothane® Cushioning Comfort
  • Deep Heel Cup Stability
  • Lightweight Integrated Support System
  • Sorbothane® Impact Protection


Sorbothane® is a proprietary material that was created to stimulate the body’s natural shock-absorbing ability. Sorbothane can absorb up to 94.7% of damaging impact shock before it enters the body.

Used by NASA, Sorbothane® has the remarkable ability to isolate vibration and control shock. Sorbothane® is resilient and will never bottom out and lose effectiveness; promising to deliver comfort and protection step after step.

Sorbothane® Performance Insoles cradle the foot in comfort and help protect against impact related pain and discomfort.

If you’re ready to learn more about our performance insoles, contact us today or give us a call at 330-678-9444.