Water-Resistant Sorbothane

Water-Resistant Sorbothane® is an innovation that provides shock and vibration protection in any wet environment application. The Sorbothane engineering team developed this unique formula to make Sorbothane® resistant to water while still maintaining its ability to decrease shock and control vibration.

Sorbothane, Inc.

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Benefits of Water-Resistant Sorbothane®

  • Provides vibration control in wet environments
  • Absorbs shock in damp situations
  • Fully functional material in any wet condition
  • Durable formulation – not a film cover
  • Available in custom colors and sizes

Water-Resistant Sorbothane® Customization Options

Sorbothane® is a proprietary viscoelastic material that has been specified by engineers worldwide for almost three decades. Unlike other shock absorption materials, Sorbothane® maintains stability over a wide temperature range and has near faultless memory even after continual compressions. The shock, vibration damping and isolation properties have been scientifically tested and real world proven. Sorbothane® achieves shock absorption levels of up to 94.7%, making it the superior material for engineering applications.

At Sorbothane, Inc., we offer custom sizes, colors and thicknesses of Water-Resistant Sorbothane® to fit your project requirements. Whether your project is big or small, we can manufacture the perfect solution for your vibration damping or shock absorbing needs.

Sorbothane® continues to be the innovative and trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing water-resistant vibration absorbing materials. View the Sorbothane® Engineering Design Guide for additional information.

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