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Water-Resistant Sorbothane Provides Shock & Vibration Protection

August 07, 2017

Our Water-Resistant Sorbothane Solution Provides Superior Shock and Vibration Protection in Any Wet Environment or Situation

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Water-Resistant Sorbothane® is a breakthrough in vibration isolating and shock attenuating materials. The Sorbothane, Inc. engineering team has developed a formulation that makes Water-Resistant Sorbothane® impervious to moisture while maintaining its unique ability to handle impact and isolate vibration. Water-Resistant Sorbothane® provides engineers with a superior isolating material that will perform in wet environments.

For more detailed information on material properties, download the Water-Resistant Sorbothane® Data Sheet.

Water-Resistant Sorbothane® Features and Benefits

  • Completely Water-Resistant Material and Not a Coating or Cover
  • Relatively Unaffected by Water with Negligible Swell
  • For Use in Any Wet Environment or Situation with Minimal Weight Gain
  • All the Benefits and Superior Shock Attenuation & Vibration Isolation of Sorbothane®
  • Complete Test Results are Available. Contact Sorbothane, Inc. for Recommended Usage

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Sorbothane® is a proprietary viscoelastic material that has been specified by engineers worldwide for over three decades. It exhibits excellent shock attenuating, vibration damping and isolation properties that have been both scientifically tested and real world proven. Sorbothane® has achieved shock absorption levels of up to 94.7%. Sorbothane® stays stable over a wide temperature range and has near faultless memory even after continual compressions. Sorbothane® is the material for engineering applications that require shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustic damping.