Sorbothane, Inc. to Display at the 2024 SHOT Show Supplier Showcase

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Sorbothane, Inc. will be in attendance to display Sorbothane® materials for manufacturers at the 2024 SHOT Show Supplier Showcase: 

  • Monday January 22nd – Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 
  • Palazzo Ballroom, 5th Floor, Venetian, Las Vegas, NV
  • Booth #52103 

Product Ideas for the Sporting Industries

The Supplier Showcase is a dedicated event designed for suppliers to display specialty materials and manufacturing capabilities to the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industries. The Showcase provides the opportunity to meet directly with product developers and entrepreneurs with product ideas for the sporting industries. 

Showcasing The Proprietary Viscoelastic Material Sorbothane

See for yourself how Sorbothane stands out as the leading viscoelastic material and how its unique composition allows it to behave both as a liquid and a solid. This duality provides both exceptional vibration isolation and shock absorption, making it an indispensable material in the sporting goods industry.

Custom and Standard Sorbothane Parts

At the Showcase, Sorbothane, Inc. will display custom and standard parts featuring the proprietary viscoelastic material Sorbothane. Sorbothane is a unique material that has both solid and liquid properties, providing unparalleled energy absorption to reduce both vibration and shock. 

Innovations in Shock Absorbing Material

The shock absorbing material Sorbothane is set to meet and exceed expectations at the Showcase. Sorbothane is highly efficient in shock absorption and vibration damping. This is particularly crucial for hunting and shooting equipment, where accuracy, comfort, and durability are paramount.

Superior Energy Absorption Capabilities

The Showcase will also feature Sorbothane’s superior energy absorption qualities. Attendees will learn about Sorbothane’s ability to dissipate energy, significantly reducing the impact on sporting equipment. This not only enhances the performance of the equipment but also extends its lifespan.

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