Transportation Shipping & Logistics

Do you ship precious cargo? Sorbothane can greatly reduce damaging vibration and shock, which helps deliver your materials safely.

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Once a product is made, the next step is to get it safely to the consumer or end user. Without proper planning and execution this step in the supply chain can become the biggest loss leader for many organizations. Goods may be broken or irrevocably damaged during their journey from manufacturer to purchaser along the transportation logistics path.When this happens, the only option available to remedy the situation is to ship another product to the consumer. This process can cost manufacturers a significant amount of time, resources and money each year.

Protection During Transportation Logistics

To eliminate these losses, the best course of action is to take additional steps when preparing goods for transport. Strategically placed components made of the shock and vibration-reducing material Sorbothane® work to eliminate possible damage to precious cargo during the transportation logistics process.

Sorbothane shock isolator pads can be added to shipment pallets for targeted shock absorption. These impact-reducing shock isolator pads work in many different applications. They can be used to create space between the all-important cargo or used in its outer container, adding a vibration-absorbing material in the containers themselves.

No matter the placement, Sorbothane is a critical component to help keep products safe from harmful shock and vibration that is inevitable during shipment. Any business that specializes in moving goods of any kind can benefit from the viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane including:

  • Export companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Auto transfer companies
  • Mass mail order companies

Sorbothane Protects Critical Components

What if the item to be shipped is an ancient antiquity or national treasure that cannot be damaged under any circumstances? This is where Sorbothane’s distinctive viscoelastic properties can be leveraged the most.

For example, The Getty Museum configures Sorbothane sheets to precise custom alignment. It is the perfect choice to protect unique and intricate art, pottery, and artifacts that often have rounded corners or atypical shapes.

A custom-built Sorbothane support protected the Liberty Bell as it was moved to its home at the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National Historical Park.

Sorbothane is also used to protect life-saving medical equipment with sensitive computer modules. No matter the item, Sorbothane can be trusted to protect everything from priceless artifacts to sensitive lab equipment throughout the entire journey. Sorbothane will not breakdown, it will continue to reduce vibration and shock, from start to finish, for shipment anywhere in the world.

So, when it comes to protecting cargo for economic or irreplaceable reasons, it is vitally important that extra precautions are taken to assure safe transport. Leverage the viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane throughout the entire transportation logistics process for peace of mind.

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