Medical Equipment

Sorbothane parts help to protect portable medical equipment from vibration and drop shock damage.

Close up of a blue medical device in a hospital room

Sorbothane® Protects Performance

The viscoelastic nature of Sorbothane material enables it to be utilized for custom solutions and a viable way to protect medical equipment.

Medical Solutions

From relieving plantar fasciitis to protecting athletes from the detrimental effects of “tennis elbow”, the unique material, Sorbothane provides custom solutions to alleviate pain and promote healing. However, it can also help protect medical equipment for healthcare professional and patient peace of mind.

Medical emergencies, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, remind us of the importance of portable medical equipment. When the number of patients overwhelms hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, medical care must be transferred to temporary facilities or locations. During these situations it is imperative that medical equipment not only be portable, but stable. Lives depend upon it.

Safe, Reliable Performance

Specifically, health care professionals and their patients rely on portable medical devices, such as mobile IV pumps, blood pressure monitors, and defibrillators. Sorbothane helps to ensure safe, reliable performance by protecting components and LCD displays against shock and vibration damage. 

Sorbothane material’s versatility, durability and unique memory properties make it ideal for protecting mobile devices, as well as large diagnostic equipment that must perform thousands of repetitive cycles. 

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