Comfort & Performance Insoles

Sorbothane, Inc. has been a successful manufacturer and supplier of performance insoles to the athletic and medical markets for 40 years.

A collection of Sorbothane Insoles

Sorbothane, Inc. is dedicated to providing a superior American-made product—using domestically sourced materials—designed and produced by our team of American workers.

Sorbothane® – Shock Protection & Cushioning Comfort

Developed by materials scientist Dr. Maurice Hiles to mimic the body’s natural ability to protect against impact shock – Sorbothane is a one-of-a-kind proprietary viscoelastic polymer. 100% unique – Sorbothane is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid – Sorbothane absorbs impact shock and provides more comfort than any other insole material.

  • Sorbothane is a proprietary viscoelastic material.
  • Sorbothane absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock before it enters the body
  • It helps protects the entire body from damage due to dangerous shock waves
  • Sorbothane naturally cradles the foot – enhancing the heel’s impact-absorbing fat pad
  • Never bottoms out – Sorbothane performs even in extreme conditions
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Read our whitepaper on the history of Sorbothane and how it impacted sports medicine.

Trusted by Those You Trust

Sorbothane insoles are recommended by doctors, sports medicine specialists, and professional trainers for athletes of every level. Sorbothane insoles are your best defense against foot pain, back pain, and impact-related injuries.

Guaranteed Performance

All Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insoles are guaranteed to provide long-lasting comfort and shock-absorbing protection.

  • Ultra CLASSIC
    100% Sorbothane Heel To Toe

    Classic full sole insoleClassic Full Sole inserts are made of 100% Sorbothane from heel to toe. The Classic absorbs shock and provides cushioning in a slim profile insole that fits most shoes, even those without a removable insole.


  • Ultra HEEL PAD
    Concentrated Protection & Cushioning

    Sorbothane Performance Insoles blue heel padsConcentrated heel strike protection and focused comfort. 100% shock-absorbing Sorbothane with a Poron® cover. Fits any shoe.


  • Ultra COMFY
    Ball-Of-Foot Cushion

    Beige Sorbothane ball-of-foot insoles.Designed for Women—Sorbothane Ball-Of-Foot Cushions provide all day and all night comfort. Stays in place. Soft top cover.

  • Ultra MAX DUTY
    Durable Work Insole

    Blue, orange and black Sorbothane Ultra MAX DUTY InsoleBuilt to last—Maximum Duty Work Insoles absorb shock and provide long-lasting comfort. The Maximum Duty combines a molded air-infused foam base with a pure Sorbothane heel inlay for shock-absorbing comfort and impact protection. A strategically placed Sorbothane metatarsal pad adds forefoot cushioning. Durable, comfortable, and proven to help reduce pain.

  • Ultra SOLE
    Support, Sorbothane Comfort & Energy Return

    Blue and orange Ultra SOLE™ shoe insoles with red and black accentsUltra Sole Performance Insoles absorb shock, return energy and provide long-lasting comfort. The Ultra Sole combines a molded air-infused base with a pure Sorbothane heel inlay for shock-absorbing comfort and impact protection. A strategically placed forefoot pad works to return energy.

  • Ultra PLUS
    Stability plus Sorbothane Comfort & Pain Relief

    Yellow and green Sorbothane Ultra Plus InsolesThe Ultra PLUS is the next-generation Sorbothane Stability Insole. Features a custom integrated stability and support system plus the unmatched comfort and impact protection of Sorbothane. The Ultra PLUS has heel and forefoot strike protection along with a deep heel cup for rear-foot stability.

  • 3/4 Ultra PLUS
    Sorbothane Comfort Deep Heel Cup Stability

    Sorbothane 3/4 Ultra PLUS High Arch InsoleThe 3/4 length Ultra PLUS features a deep heel cup and advanced arch support system to help with proper alignment and stability. Additionally, a Sorbothane heel insert provides long-lasting shock-absorbing comfort and protection. Designed to fit in any shoe – the 3/4 Ultra PLUS insert delivers cushioning and support all day long.

  • Ultra SORBOAIR®
    Lightweight Sorbothane Base & Heel

    Blue and yellow Ultra SORBOAIR® shoe insolesSorboAir Replacement Insoles start with a base of air-infused Sorbothane foam for lightweight comfort. Then a pure Sorbothane inlay is added for heel-strike protection. SorboAir Insoles will provide long-lasting cushioning and protection stride after stride.

  • Women's Ultra SOLE
    Designed For a Women’s Foot & Gait

    Blue and orange Women's Ultra SOLE™ shoe insoles with red and black accentsThe Women’s Ultra Sole is designed for a woman’s foot and gait cycle. It combines a molded air-infused foundation with a 100% Sorbothane heel insert for comfort and impact shock protection. The forefoot pad works to return energy.

  • Ultra GRAPHITE ARCH (Medium Arch)
    Arch Support & Sorbothane Comfort

    Blue and orange Ultra Graphite Arch™ (Medium Arch) insoles with red and black componentsThe Ultra Orthotic Arch (Medium) Insole combines graphite arch support and stability with comfort and impact protection. The molded air-infused base provides cushioned support while Sorbothane inlays offer comfort and foot-strike protection. Long-lasting Ultra Graphite Arch Replacement Insoles maintain their stability and shock-absorbing benefits longer than any other premium insole on the market.