Designed to deliver—stability, comfort, and pain relief.

SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads made with blue Sorbothane material

Yoga & Workout Comfort Pad

Creating a supportive and confidence-building workout system. Sorbothane® SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads provide solid support and cushioning comfort. Place SORBO-EASE Pads under your hands, wrists, knees, or elbows, and enjoy!

SORBO-EASE Pads Provide:

  • Joint Cushion
  • Body Support
  • Workout Comfort

Perfect For:

  • Hand / Wrist – Support & Cushion
  • Knee Comfort – Cupped Center Base Support
  • Foot, Ankle & Body – Stability, Protection & Comfort

Yoga + More

  • YOGA Poses & Positions
  • Workout Programs
  • Arthritis Therapy
  • Functional Fitness Routines

Sorbothane SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads are designed to deliver – stability, comfort, and pain relief. Flexible and lightweight SORBO-EASE Pads support and cushion the body – knees, elbows, feet, hands, and wrists.

Sorbo-Ease Dual Layer Design

  • Yellow Sorbothane GEL – Provides Cushioning & Returns Energy.
  • Blue Sorbothane – Absorbs Up To 94.7% Of Impact Stress, Delivers Comfort & Helps Prevent Impact Injuries.

Sorbothane is the Difference

Sorbothane is recognized worldwide as the ultimate material for absorbing harmful impact and provides cushion to relieve stress to joints while exercising.

Mesh Carry & Storage Bag

SorboEase case

For your convenience.

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