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Sorbothane, Inc. Company Overview

Located in Kent, Ohio, Sorbothane, Inc. is committed to producing superior, American-made products that include standard parts and custom-made components for engineers and entrepreneurs. The Sorbothane team is ready to meet any production need, with 64,000 square feet of manufacturing space and supply support systems. Sorbothane. has been the trusted choice of engineers worldwide for over three decades, producing individualized shock and vibration solutions for numerous diverse markets.

How Dr. Hiles Created Sorbothane

Learn how Dr. Maurice Hiles created the synthetic substance Sorbothane® in 1975, now used in countless applications to absorb shock and isolate vibration.

How Dr. Hiles Created Sorbothane – The Best Vibration Absorbing Material

In 1975, Dr. Hiles performed an experiment on himself and found that heel-strike inflicts substantial amounts of shock on the body. His solution was to develop Sorbothane®, a synthetic material that could absorb shock while retaining its original shape. Learn more about Dr. Hiles’ experiments and the development of Sorbothane®.

Sorbothane – American-Made Vibration Damping Solutions for Over 40 Years

For over 3 decades, Sorbothane, Inc. has focused on manufacturing American-made products and meeting their customers’ needs. The trusted choice of engineers worldwide, Sorbothane solutions isolate vibration, attenuate shock and damp unwanted noise. Learn more about the history of Sorbothane.

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