Markets Served

Sorbothane, Inc. is recognized as the leader in providing shock and vibration solutions worldwide.

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Sorbothane® is used across a wide array of industries as a solution to a number of different problems. To learn more about these industries and how Sorbothane, Inc. is providing innovative shock and vibration solutions, visit the following pages.

Aerospace & Aeronautical

Trusted by NASA and Space X, the unique viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane make it an ideal material for protecting critical aerospace assemblies. The demands of space and air travel require meticulous consideration of vibration isolation in equipment design to ensure safe and stable operations. Beyond vibration absorption, Sorbothane serves as a sound-damping material, providing noise damping in complex aircraft systems. Learn more about Sorbothane’s aerospace and aeronautical solutions.

Consumer & Commercial Products

Sorbothane® excels in damping unwanted noise and controlling vibrations for both commercial and consumer products, enhancing personal comfort, health, and safety. From reducing the disruptive noise of blenders in high-end bars and coffee houses to enhancing the audiovisual experience of Hi-Fi and audio equipment, Sorbothane is the go-to solution for a wide range of industries. Explore how Sorbothane provides noise and vibration damping for both consumer and commercial appliances.

Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment

Experience the transformative benefits of Sorbothane vibration isolation solutions in industrial and manufacturing settings. Sorbothane can protect sensitive machinery, reduce wear and tear, and minimize vibrations for enhanced product quality. Explore applications such as vibration isolation floor mats, anti-vibration pads, protective wear like Sorbothane damping gloves and bumper systems for end-of-line packaging stations. From standard products to custom orders, Sorbothane’s viscoelastic properties offer a reliable and versatile solution for vibration isolation in industrial and manufacturing equipment.

Medical Equipment

Sorbothane protects medical equipment and promotes healing in the medical field. Because of its viscoelastic nature, Sorbothane is a reliable solution for custom applications ranging from personal health products to medical equipment protection. Discover the versatility, durability, and unique memory properties of Sorbothane that make it an ideal choice for safeguarding both mobile devices and large diagnostic equipment. Learn how Sorbothane enhances medical equipment performance and reliability.

Mobile Electronic Devices

In the world of portable electronics like phones and cameras, where drop shocks and harmful vibrations are common, Sorbothane emerges as a reliable shock-absorbing material. Protecting phones, cameras and LCD screens, Sorbothane ensures the integrity and functionality of these delicate devices. Discover how Sorbothane provides vibration solutions to mobile electronic devices.

Precision Laboratory Equipment

In the pursuit of accurate and conclusive lab testing, Sorbothane plays a crucial role by isolating disruptive vibrations that can compromise precision. Discover how Sorbothane components, such as vibration pads and custom parts protect sensitive instruments like tilt-motion isolators, centrifuges, and mixers. Experience the unmatched performance of Sorbothane in laboratory settings.

Sporting Goods & Fitness

With its unique material properties, Sorbothane is the ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, providing essential protection during competition and enhancing comfort during exercise. From impact-absorbing insoles for running to vibration-absorbing pads for rifles and shotguns, Sorbothane plays a crucial role across several sporting goods industries. Explore how Sorbothane brings unmatched comfort and protection to sports and fitness products.

Transportation Shipping & Logistics

Ensure the safe and damage-free transportation of goods with Sorbothane as your critical component in the logistics process. Export companies, shipping companies, auto transfer companies, and mass mail order companies can benefit from Sorbothane’s viscoelastic properties. Trust Sorbothane to safeguard everything from priceless artifacts to sensitive medical equipment throughout the entire journey, ensuring stability and protection from start to finish. Learn how Sorbothane offers peace of mind in the transportation logistics process.