Sheet Stock

Examples of Sorbothane Sheet Stock in Different Colors

The Perfect Impact Absorbing Material

Sorbothane Sheet Stock is the ultimate solution for quick and effective shock and vibration isolation for a wide variety of loads and equipment. Sorbothane also offers Sheet Stock with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that has a thin polyester film for improved handling and dimensional stability. The adhesive is temperature and chemical-resistant making Sorbothane Sheet Stock with PSA the perfect vibration isolation and impact protection material.

Customizing Sorbothane Sheet Stock

  • Die Cutting: Available for a thickness up to 0.25-inch, with or without PSA. Die cut materials have a concave edge.
  • Water Jet Cutting: Available for any thickness. Water jet cut materials have a clean edge.
  • Gaskets: Sorbothane is the desired material for gaskets due to its chemical resistance, low creep factor, conformability to irregular surfaces and reusability. Gaskets can be scissor-cut, knife-cut, die cut, molded or water jet cut.
  • X-Tra Flex Sheet: Molded with hemispherical bumps, this material flexes more easily while providing soft deformation under load. Sheet thickness is approximately 0.19-inch with hemispheres approximately 0.09-inches high and 0.12-inches in diameter.

Additional Customization Options

At Sorbothane, we offer custom sizes, colors, and thicknesses to fit your project needs. From 4’’X 6’’ to 25’’X25’’, we can create the precise sheet stock for your application. Standard or custom Sorbothane sheets are perfect for creating vibration-isolating and impact-absorbing gaskets and components.

Sheet Stock Application Examples

Sorbothane Sheets have a wide variety of applications across multiple industries:

  • Hi-Fi and Audio Equipment – audiophiles, to isolate outside vibrations that can interfere with the music’s fidelity use Sorbothane Sheet Stock.
  • Auto Industry – Sorbothane Sheet Stock can be used in vehicle seats, from personal cars to heavy machinery.
  • Cameras and Projectors – Sorbothane designed, tested, and produced vibration isolation gaskets for camera wall mounts to eliminate unwanted shaking in video.

View more Sorbothane Sheet Stock applications for engineers or entrepreneurs.

Sorbothane Makes The Difference

Sorbothane, Inc. continues to be the innovative and trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing vibration-isolating and impact-absorbing solutions. View the Sorbothane Engineering Design Guide for additional information.

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