Innovative Solutions for Engineers and Entrepreneurs

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Engineers and entrepreneurs alike trust the unique viscoelastic material properties of Sorbothane® for vibration isolation, shock absorption, and noise damping. Explore our innovative solutions to find out how Sorbothane, Inc. has partnered with engineers and entrepreneurs to solve problems and invent new solutions.

Custom Viscoelastic Material Solutions for Engineers

Our team specializes in creating custom viscoelastic material components, expertly designed for effective shock absorption, vibration isolation, and noise damping tailored to your specific requirements. With over four decades of experience in engineering viscoelastic solutions, we serve a wide range of industries, offering rapid prototyping and design support. Explore our Engineering Design Guide and see how we’ve partnered with leading organizations like NASA and Vitamix to deliver tailored shock and vibration solutions with exceptional noise damping capabilities.

Shock and Vibration Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Our engineering team can develop the perfect Sorbothane® component to suit entrepreneurs’ unique needs. Our American-made products offer unmatched protection and performance, shock absorption, and vibration isolation in various applications. Contact us to partner with Sorbothane, Inc. for advanced viscoelastic material solutions that enhance your products’ quality and functionality.

Solutions Showcase

Discover how our collaboration with clients leverages Sorbothane® viscoelastic material to create innovative solutions across industries. Our Solutions Showcase highlights how this material excels in shock and vibration solutions while also effectively damping noise, demonstrating its versatility in various market applications.

Download Our Helpful Guide

Learn about our extensive range of standard Sorbothane® parts that have been developed for over 40 years. These products have been specifically designed for optimal shock absorption, vibration isolation, and noise damping. Our guide offers insights into the applications of our standard products, showcasing the diverse capabilities of our viscoelastic material in various settings. Download our Standard Products Guide to learn more.