Engineering Design Guide

The Engineering Design Guide is available to assist engineers with a practical, hands-on approach to designing with Sorbothane.

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Our Team is Your Team

At Sorbothane, Inc., we treat our customers as partners. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing our customers with superior technical support and custom-designed shock and vibration solutions for markets such as, but not limited to, industrial equipment, aerospace, medical equipment, transportation, and mobile electronic devices.

Our Sorbothane® products, Engineering Guides, and Calculators are designed to meet shock and vibration specifications and enable our customers to increase efficiency and provide high-quality results for their applications.

Our downloadable Engineering Design Guide and online Calculators are user-friendly and offer an effective way to help determine the proper Sorbothane shape, geometry, and durometer that is best suited for specific applications. Learn more about our Design Guide and Calculators.

Design Guide

This guide is advisory only. Data used is supported by empirical work. Sorbothane, Inc. offers additional technical support. Contact us if you have questions.

Design Guide Calculators

We also offer easy-to-use calculators that will help determine which of four Sorbothane® shapes would be best for your application. The shapes provided in the program will cover 90% of all needs. The data is supported empirically and experimentally. Sorbothane engineers are available to assist.

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