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Sorbothane® SORBO-EASE – Exercise Pain Relief Workout Cushion

Sorbothane SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads provide support and cushioning comfort to relieve stress on joints while exercising. Perfect for cushioning hands, wrists, knees, feet and ankles, SORBO-EASE Pads provide shock absorption and overall body support.

Sorbothane Used for Vibration Damping to Create the Quietest Blender

Sorbothane partnered with Vitamix® to develop a powerful new blender that would offer a quieter solution for homes and restaurants. The result was a blender four times quieter than its competition! Learn more about this sound damping and vibration reduction solution from Tony Ciepiel, VP of Sales and Marketing at Vitamix.

Sorbothane Spotlight – PM Magazine

Sorbothane is featured in PM Magazine for the first time, where its pain-relieving abilities are highlighted, not only in sports medicine, but also in helping protect jet pilots from ejection seat injuries.

Sorbothane’s Shock Absorption – Egg Survives Drop Thanks to Polymer Case

This video shows Design World technical and editorial staff examining the unique properties of Sorbothane. They test the impact protection of Sorbothane by dropping a raw egg, enclosed in a Sorbothane case from the ceiling in their converted warehouse offices. Viscoelastic Sorbothane moves the potentially damaging shock away from the point of impact thus protecting the raw egg. Based in Kent, Ohio for over 34 years, Sorbothane, Inc. manufactures Sorbothane – a proprietary material that’s a highly damped, polymeric solid that flows like a liquid.

All Sorbothane® custom components and standard products are proudly made in the USA.

Sorbothane Develops Shock Absorbing Insoles with Novartis

Sorbothane partnered with major drug company Novartis to design a retail shoe insole to reduce shock and provide cushioning. Learn about the insoles development process that produced more than 50,000 pairs each day.

Sorbothane Product Showcases & Highlights by Design World

Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor at Design World, showcases Sorbothane – a polyether-based, polyurethane material that combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics, and flows like a liquid under load.

Sorbothane’s Impact Absorption Helps Safely Transport Priceless Artifacts and Objects

Sorbothane worked with the National Park Service to relocate the Liberty Bell. Tasked with the development of insolation mounts to prevent potential damage from harmful vibrations during transport, the move was successful. Learn more about this project.

Sorbothane Absorbs Shock & Vibration on the International Space Station

NASA and Sorbothane partnered together to develop a solution for a vibration and shock problem on the International Space Station. When astronauts ran on the treadmill on the station, the shock caused the station to move out of orbit. Sorbothane isolation was used to absorb the energy from the treadmill and stop the station from moving out of orbit.

KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads Offer Perfect Vibration Protection for Customers

Sorbothane KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads are used in guns to reduce felt recoil up to 98 percent. When compared to its competition, no other recoil pad beats KICK-EEZ.

KICK-EEZ Installation & Grinding Demonstration by Dave Poppe

Sorbothane KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads can be used on shotguns or rifles. In this video, Dave Poppe of KICK-EE demonstrates how to grind a KICK-EEZ Recoil Pad.

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