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Sorbothane Components Help Stabilize Cameras for the Motion Picture Industry

The Client: SHOTOVER Sorbothane® “bumpers” work to isolate unwanted vibration from the camera in the SHOTOVER mobile system. SHOTOVER designs and builds high performance mobile and unmanned aerial vehicle camera systems for the broadcast, motion picture, surveillance and industrial markets. SHOTOVER’S line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms offers an unmatched level of stability, control, and versatility. […]

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Water-Resistant Sorbothane Provides Shock & Vibration Protection

Our Water-Resistant Sorbothane® Solution Provides Superior Shock and Vibration Protection in Any Wet Environment or Situation Water-Resistant Sorbothane is a breakthrough in vibration isolating and shock attenuating materials. The Sorbothane, Inc. engineering team has developed a formulation that makes Water-Resistant Sorbothane impervious to moisture while maintaining its unique ability to handle impact and isolate vibration. […]

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