Mobile Electronic Devices

Sorbothane components can alleviate drop shock and harmful vibration to ensure the integrity and function of fragile hand-held and mobile devices.

An image of a man's torso who is holding an electronic tablet device.

Sorbothane® Attenuates Impact Shock & Isolates Vibration

Since phones, tablets and other portable electronics are intended to move from location to location, they are constantly susceptible to damage. To alleviate damage due to drop shock and harmful vibration a properly designed and executed protective component is often required to help ensure the integrity and function of these fragile hand-held and mobile devices.

This is where Sorbothane can be utilized to help protect mobile technology.

Reliable Shock Absorbing Material

If an electronic device is portable, they are also susceptible to damage. When a device is dropped to the floor or bumped up against an unyielding object or surface, it experiences shock. To protect against damage, a shock absorbing material is required to transfer the energy from the impact directly into the material in order to protect precious components.

Since Sorbothane is a reliable shock absorbing material it is the perfect material that can be used to protect:

  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • LCD screens

Vibration Reduction

When it comes to GPS and computer systems secured in cars, trucks and tractors, vibration reduction is a must. Sorbothane parts such as vibration isolation pads are key in protecting sensitive electronics from repetitive movement that can compromise performance and eventually cause irreversible damage.

One real world solution that Sorbothane was used to protect a mobile electronic device – is in the TouchPC Hawk’s TFT LCD screen. The TouchPC Hawk features a tough, rugged design, and can be used in vehicle-mounted or portable situations. The Sorbothane based corner isolation mounts used were designed to protect the sensitive screen and stored information from shock and vibration of off-road travel.

The viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane make it a reliable shock absorbing material while providing necessary vibration reduction to protect and keep mobile electronic devices performing at optimal levels. Sorbothane is considered a “super soft” polyurethane that makes Sorbothane preferable to one dimensional materials like rubber and other polyurethanes. The best news is, if a custom solution is required, Sorbothane can be configured to meet any solution’s unique requirements – regardless of the application.

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