Consumer & Commercial Products

Sorbothane works to damp vibration and noise from both consumer and commercial appliances.

Vitamix commercial blender

Sorbothane® Damps Unwanted Noise & Vibration

For commercial and consumer products, noise damping and vibration control are important for the personal comfort, health, and sometimes safety of the people in proximity to the products that produce loud sounds and vibrations.

Noise Damping Material

We can all agree, nothing is more annoying than going to your favorite coffee house and having to endure the loud noise of a blender over and over while trying to enjoy a quiet moment. It ruins the customer experience and can also adversely affect the hearing of the operator. But how can an inherently loud machine be quieter? With a one-of-a-kind sound-damping material.

Sorbothane is an effective sound-damping material that provides dramatic vibration and sound reduction. Sorbothane’s properties are instrumental in reducing the noise level of commercial blenders for Vitamix. This enables Vitamix blenders to be used for front-of-house placement and usage in high-end bars and coffee houses. Now employees make and sell blended products with less sound pollution and customers can purchase and enjoy their blended beverages in a quieter environment.

Anti Vibration Material

For clear, precise audiovisual output, a vibration-absorbing material is paramount for quality results. Audiophiles worldwide recognize Sorbothane as the premier material for canceling vibrations that adversely affect audio and video performance.

Sorbothane is the vibration isolation solution for all Hi-Fi and Audio equipment such as speakers and equipment stands and supports, including a vibration reducing microphone mount. It can be used under CD players, turntables, amplifiers, tuners, and any other Hi-Fi components. In fact, Sorbothane® Sheets are frequently used to line the walls of acoustic test chambers and wave tanks.

Sorbothane audio isolation feet remove the muddying effects of vibration from the signal chain – resulting in a cleaner, purer audio, and video. The audiovisual business is not the only consumer placement of Sorbothane’s vibration damping pads, it is used in household appliances too.

To reduce the annoying vibrations caused by second-floor washing machines, a Sorbothane product was developed called Silent Feet®. These vibration damping pads absorb excessive vibration while the machine is in use, creating a more tranquil living space when the wash just cannot wait until after the baby’s nap time.

A 100% unique material – Sorbothane isolates vibration and damps undesirable noise in consumer and commercial appliances.

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