Sorbothane—Our Company Timeline and History

Sorbothane, Inc. has been the innovative and trusted choice of engineers worldwide for over three decades, developing materials and American made components that isolate vibration, absorb shock and damp unwanted noise. Since 1982, Sorbothane, Inc. has produced individualized shock and vibration solutions for numerous and diverse markets. Learn more about our company history and Sorbothane® products by viewing our timeline below.

Green and black Sorbothane material being used in manufacturing equipment with a worker in a blue shirt.

Installed Manufacturing Equipment in America for US Domestic Market

Black Sorbothane Heels & Full Sole insoles.

First Products – Sorbothane Heels and Full Sole Insole

Full line of Sorbothane Heels and Full Sole Insoles

Establishing Premium Insole Market in US

Heel shock diagram

Nike Studies Conclude Sorbothane Absorbs Up to 94.7% of Impact Shock

Tan Nike running shoe with navy swoosh that used Sorbothane material

Produced Sorbothane Heel Pad for Nike Running Shoes

Dr. Hiles talking about his invention of Sorbothane material

Dr. Hiles Joins HK from The United Kingdom

Sorbothane headquarters sign in Kent Ohio

BTR Forms Sorbothane, Inc. in US

Sorbothane manufacturing facility warehouse in Kent OH

Sorbothane, Inc. Relocates to Kent, Ohio, Plant and Increases Manufacturing Capacity

Packaged Sorbothane KICK EEZ recoil pads

KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane Recoil Pads Enter Shooting Market

Black Audio Quest Sorbothane CD Feet

Audio Quest Launches Sorbothane CD Feet and Big Feet

Sorbothane Insoles made with dual casting showing the different layers in blue, orange, red, and black

Dual Casting Patent Awarded to Sorbothane, Inc. (Ultra Sole)

Brass multi-axis isolator with black Sorbothane for digital equipment

Digital Equipment Becomes First Large Industrial Customer (Multi-Axis Isolators)

Naturalizer shoes made with Sorbothane Insoles

Brown Shoe Uses Sorbothane in Naturalizer (Sold 2 Million Pair)

APMA logo

APMA Accreditation Awarded to Sorbothane Insoles

Anti-vibration gloves made with Sorbothane

Sorbothane, Inc. at Forefront of the Ergonomics Movement with Anti-Vibration Products

Female engineer configuring a Sorbothane solution on her desktop computer

Engineering Staff Established

Wilson premium baseball glove made with Sorbothane

Wilson Premium Baseball Gloves Feature Sorbothane

Trelleborg logo

Trelleborg Purchases Sorbothane, Inc. from BTR

Group of men climbing an icy mountain

Climber Conquers Kilimanjaro Wearing Sorbothane Insoles

The American Flag hanging down with "Made in America" written above

Private Ownership – Keeping Jobs in America

Close up of the Liberty Bell secured with Sorbothane wheeled carriage support system

Sorbothane Protects Liberty Bell during Historic Move

US Space Shuttle launching off its platform

Space Shuttle Cameras Are Isolated Using Sorbothane Components

Getty Museum ancient artifact of a pitcher depicting Neptune

Getty Museum Protects Priceless Ancient Artifacts with Sorbothane

Vitamix commercial blender

Sorbothane Gaskets Quiet Premium Vitamix® Commercial Blender

Sorbothane Insoles kiosk

Established Direct Sales of Sorbothane Insoles to Retail Market

Packaged Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet in three sizes

Expanded the Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet Family

Manufacturing robots using Sorbothane to isolate vibrations

Sorbothane Components Isolate Floor Robots from Vibration and Disruptions

Sorbothane 40 year anniversary logo

Sorbothane, Inc. celebrates its 40th year of delivering proven shock, vibration, and noise-reducing solutions.