Sorbothane Shock and Vibration Whitepapers

Read our latest whitepapers to learn more about the industry and the latest innovations from Sorbothane, Inc.

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Sorbothane, Inc. is the innovative and trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing viscoelastic materials and components that isolate vibration, attenuate shock, and damp unwanted noise.

Vibration Damping And Isolating in Engineered Designs

Learn about the physics of vibration, types of vibrations (free, forced, damped), and their impact on machinery. Delve into different vibration damping methods, including unconstrained, constrained, and tuned viscoelastic damping. Explore the difference between vibration isolators and dampers and why Sorbothane stands out as a unique vibration solution.

Introduction to Shock Absorption, Impact & Viscoelastic Materials

Explore the fundamentals of mechanical shock, from sudden accelerations to destructive shock loads. Learn how shock and impact forces can lead to devastating effects on materials and equipment, causing fractures, deformation, and cumulative damage. Shock attenuation and impact absorption components, including mechanical shock absorbers, linear dampers, and viscoelastic materials like Sorbothane, are capable of efficiently providing vibration isolation, shock attenuation, and noise damping. Download our PDF for a comprehensive understanding of controlling shock and protecting your equipment.

The History of Sorbothane and How It Impacted Sports Medicine

Discover the groundbreaking journey behind Sorbothane, the revolutionary material developed by Dr. Maurice Hiles in 1975. First created to protect the body from the impact of running and walking, Sorbothane mimics the body’s natural shock absorbers. Learn more about the detrimental effects of heel strike on the body and delve into the unique properties of Sorbothane and its ability to absorb up to 94.7% of impact shock, as confirmed by Nike studies.

Mechanical, Pneumatic and Elastomeric Material Dampers:
What Are They?

Explore our comprehensive guide on mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and elastomeric dampers and their application in various industrial settings. Discover how dampers counteract and isolate vibrations from motors and turning components, preventing the propagation of mechanical oscillation. Learn about how Sorbothane is the top choice for passive vibration damping as it excels at both shock and vibration control, unlike other options.

Stopping Distance in Sorbothane Engineering Solutions

Have you ever had an object that needed to be able to fall from a specified height and be designed to withstand a certain g-force limit? Whether you’re dealing with automotive challenges, sporting goods impact, or packaging machinery demands, Sorbothane is your go-to vibration solution. Our comprehensive guide walks you through the calculations, ensuring your products withstand specified g-force limits.