Sorbothane® Specialty Products

We offer ready-made Sorbothane-based products to reduce harmful shock and vibrations for both delicate surfaces and avid athletes.

Sorbothane's Soft Blow Mallets come in three sizes to fit any project


The Sorbothane SOFT-BLOW MALLET is the ultimate tool for absorbing shock and isolating vibration with maximum surface contact without denting or marring. Safe for use on wood, metal, vinyl, tile, glass, and plastic.

Ultra Max Duty Sorbothane Insole cross section with navy blue and bright orange elements.

Comfort & Performance Insoles

Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insoles recommended by doctors, sports medicine specialists, and professional trainers for athletes of every level are the best defense against foot pain, back pain, and impact-related injuries.

SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads made with blue Sorbothane material

SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads

We designed Sorbothane SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pads to support and cushion knees, elbows, feet, hands, and wrists while delivering stability, comfort, and pain relief.

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