Aerospace & Aeronautical

Sorbothane components are trusted on both land and in space. Discover how NASA and Space X depend on Sorbothane.

NASA space shuttle launching off into the blue sky at Cape Canaveral

Sorbothane® Protects Critical Components

In the aerospace and aeronautical industries, vibration isolation and effective sound damping materials are essential for the safe and stable operation of planes, spacecraft and critical equipment used in outer space.  The viscoelastic properties of Sorbothane make it the perfect material for use in custom solutions to protect delicate aerospace and aeronautical assemblies from the demands of space and air travel.

Vibration Isolation Solutions

The acute demands of space and air travel can have dangerous repercussions. Vibration isolation must be accounted for when designing and engineering the critical equipment that enables us to travel through our atmosphere and work in outer space.

Consider the extreme G forces experienced during launch and space travel that increase the stress on a spacecraft’s structure, critical control equipment, and the operators within. Guidance and information systems can be strained and the mechanical and physical structure of the craft will be tested.

Sorbothane is a unique and versatile material that can attenuate shock, and reduce harmful vibrations that can hinder the operation of these delicate assemblies, ensuring the equipment performs at an optimum level, time and time again. Equipment vibration isolation, utilizing Sorbothane material, has been used in the following applications for NASA:

  • Space Shuttle Launch Cameras – Sorbothane components reduce vibration to the highly-sensitive cameras, which provide NASA with vital information used to verify the integrity of the shuttle’s heat shields during launch
  • International Space Station Treadmill – A Sorbothane based shock isolator and vibration isolation system works to keep impact forces generated when running on the treadmill from shaking the entire space station

Vibration isolation is also important for aerospace and aeronautical-based solutions since excessive vibration of equipment and motors also produce unwanted noise.

Sound Damping Material

Aircraft are very complex and substantial machines that must soar through air and space smoothly and efficiently. However, the engines that enable these machines to fly produce a lot of vibration and noise, which in turn adds stress to the people inside. For example, the rotors of a helicopter by their very design are often even worse than a jet engine. Vibration can be more prominent in a helicopter making a vibration reduction system even more important to consider. If vibration isolation is not addressed, serious safety issues can result.

Sorbothane components have been proven to reduce vibration and dissipate shock, uniquely Sorbothane is also a viable sound damping material while also providing the following benefits:

  • Sorbothane withstands a wide range of temperatures or fluctuations in temperatures without effecting material performance
  • Sorbothane can be designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and durometers

These properties enable Sorbothane to be utilized within any design or functional requirement for aerospace and aeronautical solutions. From equipment vibration isolation to noise reduction, Sorbothane is a superior material that can be leveraged for the aerospace and aeronautical markets.

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