The Sorbothane® SOFT-BLOW MALLET is made from a unique viscoelastic polymer that is recognized worldwide as the ultimate material for absorbing shock and isolating vibration.

Sorbothane's Soft Blow Mallets come in three sizes to fit any project

Prevents Surface Damage—Safe For All Surfaces.

Available in three sizes – the SOFT-BLOW MALLET provides maximum surface contact without denting or marring. Safe for use on wood, metal, vinyl, tile, glass and plastic.

Designed To Reduce Marring & Denting
5.5 oz. / 12 oz. / 20 oz. (Three Sizes available)

Control The Blow

Perfect For:

  • Fine Wood Working
  • Auto Body, Trim & Glass
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Cabinetry
  • Remodeling
  • Windows & Glass

Benefits of Sorbothane SOFT-BLOW MALLET

  • Deliver Needed Force Without Surface Damage
  • Low Rebound – Saves Energy
  • Works On Molded Surfaces
  • Reduces Secondary Repair
  • Use Any Side Of Mallet Head
  • Forms To Edges & Corners
  • Off Center Hits Won’t Harm Surface

Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet is available online at:

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