Sorbothane, Inc. Displaying at the D&M West 2024 Show

D&M West 2024 logo and Sorbothane logo

At the 2024 D&M West show Sorbothane, Inc. will showcase shock and vibration solutions featuring the viscoelastic material Sorbothane® at the Anaheim Convention Center, Tuesday, February 6th through Thursday, February 8th. Both custom engineered components and Sorbothane standard products will be available at the Sorbothane, Inc. booth # 3523 for review.

Maximizing Efficiency with Vibration Isolation

For over 40 years Sorbothane, Inc. has proven itself to be the choice for engineering components for vibration isolation, shock absorption, and sound damping to minimize unwanted noise. Explore how Sorbothane’s innovative solutions in vibration isolation can enhance the performance and longevity of machinery across various industries. Discover the transformative impact of minimizing vibrations in critical applications, from precision medical equipment to heavy-duty industrial machinery.

Innovative Shock Absorption Solutions

Stop by the Sorbothane booth at the 2024 D&M West Show to learn about the crucial role of protecting sensitive equipment from harsh impacts and vibrations, especially in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, where precision and safety are paramount.

Enhancing Environments with Sound Damping

Sorbothane, Inc. understands the importance of sound damping in creating more efficient and comfortable environments. Custom and standard Sorbothane products can play a vital role in reducing noise pollution, benefiting both industrial settings and consumer areas.

The Science Behind Viscoelastic Material Sorbothane

Sorbothane is a highly damped viscoelastic solid that can flow like a liquid under load. Sorbothane demonstrates both damping and isolating properties that are unparalleled. The Sorbothane, Inc. team is ready to help design and produce the perfect Sorbothane damper or isolator to meet your individual project objectives.                                                                                                            

Custom Engineered Solutions

Check out our Solutions Showcases or contact us today to learn more about Sorbothane’s custom solutions and how they can revolutionize your experience.