Sorbothane® Material Featured on Design World’s Tech Tuesday Podcast

Sorbothane, Inc. President, David Church, shares innovative insights on the shock absorption and vibration damping solutions Sorbothane material can provide on Design World’s Tech Tuesday Podcast.

Tech Tuesday Episode: How Sorbothane is Protecting Lightweight Devices from Shock and Vibration

In the thought-provoking podcast episode titled “Tech Tuesdays: How Sorbothane is Protecting Lightweight Devices from Shock and Vibration,” David delved into the proprietary viscoelastic polymer material, highlighting its exceptional shock absorption and vibration damping solutions for mobile electronic devices. Listeners, including engineers, designers, and product developers, can gain a deeper understanding of the science behind Sorbothane Inc.’s groundbreaking solutions and how they are instrumental in enhancing product performance, durability, and user experience.

Throughout the conversation, David also sheds light on Sorbothane Inc.’s latest research and development initiatives, emphasizing the company’s dedication to continuously refining its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market. He shared captivating success stories of Sorbothane’s applications in high-tech industries, showcasing how the company has been instrumental in safeguarding sensitive equipment and enhancing overall product performance.

“It’s always been a Sorbothane motto or mindset, and that’s that we’re here to help people, we’re here to protect people, and we’re here to help the world become better.”

David Church, President of Sorbothane Inc.

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About Sorbothane, Inc.

Sorbothane Inc. is an industry-leading viscoelastic polymer material company that has been providing innovative shock absorption and vibration damping solutions for 40 years. The company’s proprietary Sorbothane material has gained global recognition for its unrivaled ability to isolate vibrations, protect sensitive equipment, and improve overall product performance. Sorbothane Inc. serves a wide range of industries, including electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, and more, empowering manufacturers to create reliable and high-performing products.

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Sorbothane material is known worldwide for its shock absorption and vibration damping abilities. Explore Sorbothane Inc.’s Solutions Showcase for real-world applications. Or contact the engineering team for assistance with your unique Sorbothane needs.