Sorbothane® Soft-Blow Mallet for Auto Body Work

Install: Chrome, Glass, Trim and Accent Covers. No Marring! No Jarring!

Auto work is safer and easier with Sorbothane Soft Blow Mallets.

Kent, Ohio – The Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet is a unique mallet that actually conforms to surface irregularities, providing maximum surface contact without marring, denting or hand jarring. Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallets are built to deliver the needed force without surface damage and are used for – auto body trim and glass, installing accent covers, molding and interior components.

Available in three sizes the Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet is safe on all types of surfaces and assemblies including: vinyl, hard and soft metals, glass and chrome. The Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet also reduces secondary damage and repair time. Impact is absorbed and dissipated within the Sorbothane material virtually eliminating hand jarring and harmful shock.

Sorbothane is a 100% unmatched viscoelastic material that is recognized worldwide for attenuating shock, isolating vibration and damping noise. No other material can dissipate energy as effectively. Sorbothane is a highly damped solid that “flows” like a liquid under load.

 Choose the best sized tool for your auto body work with Sorbothane's Soft Blow Mallets in three sizes.

Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet

  • Available Sizes: 5.5 oz. – 12 oz. – 20 oz.
  • Deliver Needed Force Without Surface Damage
  • Low Rebound – No Hand Jarring
  • Great On Molded Surfaces
  • Reduces Secondary Repair
  • Use Any Side Of Mallet Head
  • Forms To Edges & Corners
  • Off Center Hits Won’t Harm Surface