Swede-O Plantar Fascia Foot Roller

Woman rolling her foot on a blue Swede-O plantar F3 foot roller made from blue Sorbothane material

Plantar F3 Foot Roller


Medical Equipment


A multifunction “foot roller” to isolate the plantar fascia during stretching and treatment


The idea for this product came from a need to successfully treat the pain and burning caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as stretch and begin the healing process of the affected area.


We worked diligently to perfect a patented design first presented by a certified athletic trainer. As a result, the Sorbothane® Swede-O Planter F3™ Foot Roller relieves heel and foot pain in three ways. First, the viscoelastic nature of Sorbothane promotes gentle stretching and massaging of the affected area. Second, the freezer-safe roller provides cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Third, due to the wide temperature range of Sorbothane, the roller can also be used for heat therapy to increase elasticity and facilitate healing.


Market: Medical Equipment