Sorbothane Introduces SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pad

June 07, 2017

Kent, Ohio - Sorbothane, Inc. recently introduced the Sorbothane® SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Comfort Pad. The SORBO-EASE is designed to provide solid support and personalized comfort – helping to create a confidence building workout system. To support the body and cushion the joints, simply place SORBO-EASE Pads under your hands, wrists, knees, elbows or anywhere extra cushioning is needed.

Sorbothane® Makes the Difference

Sorbothane® is the ultimate material for absorbing harmful impact and provides cushion to relieve stress on joints while exercising. The SORBO-EASE features a dual-layer design. The yellow Sorbothane® Gel provides a cushioned base and returns energy. The blue Sorbothane® layer absorbs impact stress, delivers comfort and helps to relieve impact related injuries. Sorbothane® can absorb up to 94.7% of impact stress.

SORBO-EASE is used for yoga poses and positions, workout programs, arthritis therapy and functional fitness routines.

“We are very excited to introduce the SORBO-EASE. It has been tested and refined by numerous instructors and their pupils,” stated David Church, President of Sorbothane, Inc.

One of those instructors is Kelsey Ferrante, a Corporate Wellness Coordinator who says, “Comfort, stability and confidence...the SORBOE-EASE made poses and positions comfortable for students of all levels.

Interested in learning more about the SORBO-EASE Yoga & Workout Pad? Contact us today or view more information on our site.