Study finds Sorbothane Ultra Orthotic Arch to be the Most Comfortable Arch Support


The purpose of this experiment was to discuss the conditions of individuals with flat feet and fallen arches and to investigate the effects of arch support orthotics on those individuals. Evidence from previous research, as well as in this experiment, does suggest that arch supports do improve comfort for wearers. By comparing various brands and using a controlled amount of shoe types the study was applied to two users who had either low arches or none at all on their feet. The student researcher considered ergonomic approaches to the problem including the anthropometric measurements, the biomechanical approach, and Frederick Taylor’s adaptation of the scientific management methodology.

Compared 5 arch support orthotic (shoe insert) brands:

    1. Arch Pro-Tec
    2. Birkenstock Arch Supports
    3. Dr. Rosenberg’s Instant Arches
    4. Sorbothane Ultra Orthotic Arch
    5. Shock Doctor – Ultra 2 Insole

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Based on the surveys and experimental analysis Sorbothane® Ultra Orthotic Arches are recommended for users with fallen arches or flat feet. They received the highest average comfort ratings for various types of shoes.