Vibration Dampening Material: How Sorbothane Can Help

A vibration dampening material is one that can be considered both a protection for delicate and sensitive components as well as one that provides comfort for the human user of those components. Whether it is reducing the amount of excessive movement (vibration) in a machine or reducing some of the sound transmission of that machine, these types of materials are important for health, safety and long life of the machine that is being protected.

There are many kinds of vibration dampening material to choose from, including some that are a combination of types. There are viscous materials, which are thick and sticky, and there are elastic materials, which are stretchy and bouncy. Both can be beneficial to the user for a number of applications; however, there are limits for their usefulness.

Sorbothane® is a vibration dampening material that is a combination of both the thick and sticky, viscous material and the stretchy, bouncy elastic material drawing the pros from both to become a unique and interesting material choice for a wide range of consumer and business applications.

Sorbothane and Your Laptop Computer: A Case Study

A laptop computer has a number of delicate, almost fragile components inside of it with an exterior of hard plastic that is meant to protect it in the case of an accident- such as being dropped or bumped during transport. There is a serious need for vibration dampening material for both the interior and exterior of the laptop computer not only because of how it is treated but because of how it was designed to be used.

Interior Vibration and the Need for Protection

As a computer works, there are a number of actions inside of it. The processors connect and fire messages and dozens of other actions happen as well. All of those actions cause minute vibrations, which may not be detectable – at first. In addition, there are other things that happen, including the cooling fan that kicks on and cycles from time to time.

Eventually, some of these processes start working a little rougher than they used to. You might feel the laptop powering up when you first turn it on, especially if you are holding it. In a really old computer, you might actually see the machine shimmying slightly as it goes through its processes. All of those vibrations can eventually cause damage to the computer’s passage ways, the connections that allow it to work correctly.

To protect the computer’s delicate processors and other components, the design usually allows for small isolating pads made of a vibration dampening material to be installed to reduce the amount of vibration that is created and then transferred from part to part.

Exterior Vibration and Potential Damage

In addition to what is going on inside of the computer, there are other issues that happen around it. Depending on where you are when you are using it, your computer is subject to outside vibrations. Just setting it down on a table can expose it to all of the vibration sources within the room. People walking by the table create vibrations. A truck driving down the road does as well. But, in addition to the vibrations, there are other potential problems that could happen. The computer could be pushed from the table, for instance, or it could be picked up when it is moved. People who are using it while it is on their lap could fall asleep and then allow it to crash to the floor that way. Protecting the computer from these kinds of crashes is also part of the role of the vibration dampening materials.

Solutions for One, Solutions for All

Sorbothane is the one material that can be used effectively for vibration dampening and protection for individuals and for companies both big and small. Inventors, who are likely to be the first to try a new solution, may come up with more than a few new applications for this material but that does not mean that an individual, who has never came up with a solution before, won’t be able to do the same thing.

There is a listing of standard parts and uses for Sorbothane; however, if the right part for your needs is not there, you can customize to fit whatever your application might be. For instance, if there is not a part that is small enough, you can design one that will fit. You can choose to make a part thicker or thinner as well. The design team may explain why thicker is not always better, especially when you are determining the right vibration dampening material.

Specific Applications for Sorbothane

Sorbothane has been used in nearly every industry and by people in all walks of life for both professional and leisure activity pursuits. There are a number of applications where it has been proven one of the best solutions for problems including with delicate electronics as well as in the use of harmonics and sound quality. Made in America for more than three decades, this vibration dampening material is used by inventors, individuals and companies of all sizes. It can be made waterproof and is resistant to a number of chemicals, which it may have to come in contact with. It is also stable in a number of different weather conditions as well, including high heat and extreme cold.

From very small isolation pads used inside of today’s tiny cell phones to the largest applications that include huge buildings and more, it is adaptable and useful for everyone. There are a number of companies that have their entire reputation built on products that were created from Sorbothane- including those that make products that are perfect for the gun enthusiast (Kickeez and God’A Grip) as well as insoles and specially designed athletic socks.

Whether you wear it, sit on it or never even see it once it is installed, Sorbothane is the solution for vibration and the many problems that it can cause.

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