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The Quiet One – Powerful Commercial Blender


Create the quietest commercial blender available for front-of-house applications.


Vitamix partnered with us to create “The Quiet One,” a powerful, premium blender that provides unparalleled sound reduction. Utilizing three exclusive Sorbothane® components, “The Quiet One” is definitely on a different level than its competition in terms of noise reduction. An innovative door-seal design coupled with patent-pending floating technology significantly reduced vibration transmission and improves airflow. This combination dramatically reduced the amount of sound produced during blending while maintaining the drink quality users expected from Vitamix.

Thanks to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities, “The Quiet One” fits perfectly into front-of-house operations in high-end bars and coffee houses. Designed to create a more enjoyable customer environment, our Sorbothane solution certainly achieves that as “The Quiet One” operates at 18 decibels below its closest competitor. According to independent testing, this blender would be perceived as being four times quieter.

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