Covid-19 Statement

To Customers, Vendors and our Community,

At Sorbothane Inc. the safety, health and well being of our employees, customers and community remain our top priority.

Sorbothane, Inc. has been identified as an essential business and continues operating effectively.

Our production remains consistent and our capacity to serve our customers remains strong.
The management team meets daily to ensure our ability to provide the highest level of service
with no disruption in our operation.

We continue to actively monitor the impact Covid-19 is having on the people of our communities and are taking all necessary precautions as outlined by the CDC, State and Local Officials in limiting the spread of this virus.

As an organization we have implemented the following precautions to protect our employees from potential exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • All employees who are sick must stay home and not enter our facilities.
  • We are continuing to keep our employees informed and updated on Coronavirus news.
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing measures throughout our offices and production facilities.
  • We continue social distancing measures as well as work-from-home alternatives.
  • All employees are encouraged to follow government directives and leverage technology when available.
  • We have transitioned to tele and video conferencing as appropriate, while supporting essential business infrastructure.

We will continue to diligently monitor the situation and will implement best practices across all facets of our operation to prevent any potential spread of the Coronavirus to our employees, community, vendors and visitors to Sorbothane, Inc.

On behalf of our hard-working employees we thank you for your continued commitment to Sorbothane products.

Sorbothane® Material Is Made In The USA.

David Church
Sorbothane, Inc.