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Sorbothane Insoles Named ‘Best Shoe Inserts to Try in 2021’

Kent, Ohio – Sorbothane® Insoles are featured in an article titled “The 8 Best Shoe Inserts to Try in 2021, According to Podiatrists” by, a well-respected health and wellness resource. Sorbothane Insoles are the top choice for not one, but two categories – “Best for Walking” and “Best for Standing All Day”.

Sorbothane – “Known for Its Shock-absorbing Foam Material”

Sorbothane Ultra PLUS Insole Rated Best for Walking

Sorbothane Insoles are endorsed by podiatrists for their shock absorbing material. For the “Best for Walking” category, the Ultra Plus Stability Insole is highly recommended by Dr. George Wallace, chair of the podiatry department at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. The Ultra PLUS Stability Insole is admired for its highly stable structure, arch supporting design, and ball of foot cushion.

The Ultra Graphite Arch™ Insole earned “Best for Standing All Day” for its ability to keep feet properly aligned with its gel forefoot pad, medium-height arch, padded heel, and air-infused bottom layer. Podiatrists also love the fact that it doesn’t compress or collapse with extended wear.

Sorbothane: The Best Material for Insoles

Sorbothane Ultra Graphite Arch Rated Best for Standing All Day

Developed by materials scientist Dr. Maurice Hiles to mimic the body’s natural ability to protect against impact shock, Sorbothane is a one-of-a-kind proprietary viscoelastic polymer, meaning that it exhibits attributes of both liquids and solids. Sorbothane flows like a liquid when it is under a load (ex. compressive stress, impact force, or shear force) and behaves as an elastic solid by returning to its original shape after forces are removed. This allows Sorbothane to absorb impact shock and provide more comfort than any other insole material.

The unique properties of Sorbothane make it an ideal choice for numerous challenges across a wide variety of industries. Discover more real-world applications of Sorbothane custom solutions in our Solutions Showcase or, contact our experienced engineering staff for assistance with your unique Sorbothane needs.