Introducing a New Sorbothane® Standard Product Guide

Introducing a New & Improved Sorbothane Standard Product Guide;
Your Expanded Guide to 100s of Standard Sorbothane Parts

Sorbothane Standard Products Guide

Kent, Ohio – Sorbothane, Inc. introduced a newly developed Sorbothane Standard Products Guide. This extensive guide has been developed to assist engineers and product designers in the selection of standard Sorbothane parts.

Sorbothane, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of standard Sorbothane parts. These components have been developed over a period of 30+ years and are selected for their specific shock and vibration isolating capabilities. Sorbothane Bushings and Washers can be combined to create a floating bolt. Shock attenuating Hemispheres provide a quick, cost effective method for isolating lab and audio equipment. Stud Mounts and Bumpers are designed for use in compression settings. Anti-vibration Sorbothane Leveling Mounts handle varying environmental conditions. Sorbothane Sheet Stock is available in a variety of styles, thicknesses and durometers. Standard Sheet Stock of any thickness can be custom die cut or water jet cut.

The Sorbothane Standard Products Guide is available here or by contacting Sorbothane, Inc. directly.

If an appropriate Sorbothane damper or isolator cannot be found among the standard parts, the Sorbothane, Inc. engineering team will assist in developing a custom isolator specifically designed to fit your individual application.