Sorbothane® Introduces a New Engineering Design Guide

Sorbothane Introduces a New Engineering Design Guide;
An Updated Guide to Shock & Vibration Solutions

Engineering Design Guide

Sorbothane, Inc. announces a newly revised engineering design guide. This design guide has been developed to assist engineers in a practical, hands-on approach to designing with Sorbothane.

The guide is available for download here. The data used in this manual is supported by empirical work. A windows-based program which parallels this calculation method can also be downloaded from the Sorbothane website. Sorbothane, Inc. also offers additional technical support. Our engineering staff is ready to assist in designing the ideal damper or isolator for your product.

Sorbothane is the ultimate isolation material for absorbing shock and vibration. No other material can dissipate energy as effectively. In many applications Sorbothane has absorbed up to 94.7% of the impact force. Engineers worldwide choose Sorbothane for applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping.

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