Shock & Vibration Protection in Wet Environment Applications

Water-Resistant Sorbothane® –
Shock & Vibration Protection in Any Wet Environment Applications

Water-Resistant Sorbothane

Kent, Ohio – Sorbothane, Inc. introduced Water-Resistant Sorbothane, an innovation in shock and vibration materials. Sorbothane, Inc. engineers have developed a unique formulation that makes Water-Resistant Sorbothane impervious to moisture while maintaining Sorbothane’s impressive ability to attenuate shock and control vibration.

“This is a breakthrough…” David Church, President of Sorbothane, Inc. explained, “product design engineers have asked for it and now we have it – a superior wet environment isolator with all the benefits of Sorbothane.”

Water-Resistant Sorbothane Features & Benefits

  • Water-Resistant Material – Not A Coating Or Cover
  • Relatively Unaffected By Water – Negligible or No Swell
  • For Use In Any Wet Environment – Minimal Weight Gain
  • Maintains The Superior Shock Attenuation & Vibration Isolation Of Sorbothane
  • Complete Test Results Available – Contact Sorbothane, Inc. For Recommended Usage

Water-Resistant Sorbothane

Sorbothane is a proprietary viscoelastic material that has been specified by engineers worldwide for over 3 decades. Its superior damping and isolation properties have been scientifically and real-world proven. In many applications and laboratory tests Sorbothane has achieved shock absorption levels of up to 94.7%. And Sorbothane stays stable over a broad temperature range, enabling it to isolate damaging vibration and attenuate impact shock in many varied conditions. Its near faultless memory ensures a return to original shape, even after repeated compressions. Sorbothane is ideal for engineering design applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustical damping.

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  • Low & High Volume Production
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