Sorbothane® Helps NASA Team Isolate Treadmill Vibrations

Sorbothane Helps NASA Design Team Isolate Treadmill from Shaking Entire International Space Station

NASA Isolates Treadmill Vibration

Kent, Ohio  Before the International Space Station’s new $5 million treadmill could be installed a unique problem had to be solved. Engineers needed to develop a vibration isolation system that would keep impact forces, generated when running on the treadmill, from shaking the entire Space Station.

The treadmill’s design team partnered with engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. to produce a unique Sorbothane component that successfully helps to isolate the treadmill’s vibration from the Space Station itself. NASA also uses a Sorbothane isolator to protect Space Shuttle cameras from the violent forces thrust upon them during launch. This Sorbothane component shock absorber attenuates vibration damage to the highly sensitive shuttle cameras. These cameras are strategically placed to provide NASA with vital information used to verify the integrity of the shuttle’s heat tiles.

Sorbothane is the ultimate isolation material for absorbing shock and vibration. No other material can dissipate energy as effectively. In many applications Sorbothane has absorbed up to 94.7% of the impact force. Engineers worldwide choose Sorbothane for applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping.

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