Sorbothane in BOSS Magazine Featuring Shorr Packaging

Shorr Packaging, featured in BOSS Magazine, partnered with Sorbothane, Inc.® to create shipping packaging and containers that provide vibration isolation and shock absorption to protect a variety of different products during travel.

About Shorr Packaging

Workers working on a conveyor belt in a packaging plant

Shorr Packaging was founded in 1922 and remains one of the largest and most versatile packaging distribution firms in the United States. Based in Aurora, Illinois, the company does it all, from custom design to printing to managed packaging solutions. Their main goal though is helping customers increase their productivity and operational efficiency.

Shorr works with companies of all sizes, from e-commerce start-ups to the biggest manufacturers across the globe. Additionally, the packaging company is 100% employee-owned, so everyone is invested in its success. Shorr has 40 locations across North America and continues to see growth.

Shorr’s Strategic Partnership with Sorbothane, Inc.

For over 39 years, Sorbothane, Inc. has been the trusted choice of engineers worldwide for developing materials and components that isolate vibration, attenuate shock, and damp unwanted noise. Sorbothane material has been used in numerous applications across various industries, from consumer and commercial products to aerospace to shipping and logistics, proving its adaptability and dependability.

For these reasons, a strategic partnership between Shorr and Sorbothane simply made sense. The shock-absorbing and vibration damping qualities of Sorbothane provide protection to Shorr’s packaging, allowing them not only to offer unique, innovative shipping solutions but also to provide their customers peace of mind. See Sorbothane and Shorr Packaging featured in BOSS Magazine for more information.

Discover the Power of Sorbothane

The unique properties of Sorbothane make it an ideal choice for numerous challenges across a wide variety of industries. Discover more real-world applications of Sorbothane custom solutions in our Solutions Showcase or, contact our experienced engineering staff for assistance with your unique Sorbothane needs.