Sorbothane Inc. Once Again Featured on Technology Tuesdays Podcast

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Tech Tuesdays Episode: Sorbothane’s Adaptation to Evolving Market Trends and Material Demands

In the latest episode of the Technology Tuesdays podcast, Design World’s Michelle Froese speaks with David Church, the president of Sorbothane, Inc. Their conversation delves into Sorbothane’s rich history, its expansive reach, and its innovative solutions in the current market, which have been redefining the standard for shock and vibration management for over four decades.

Sorbothane®‘s Distinctive Viscoelasticity

Central to their discussion is Sorbothane’s unique material properties, highlighting the advantages of viscoelastic technology across various industries. From the development of aerospace and drone technology to the preservation of invaluable artifacts, Sorbothane’s shock-absorbing expertise can be applied anywhere, including the fitness and medical industries.

Highlighting Sorbothane’s Versatility

Church highlights Sorbothane’s versatility, illustrating its role in industries where precision and stability are essential. Its ability to isolate vibration and attenuate shock has positioned it as an invaluable asset in demanding environments. Its customizability for engineers and entrepreneurs is unrivaled. While discussing its use, Church explained its versatility through size, saying, “We have the versatility to provide you an isolator that’s very small, to one that could be three feet by two inches thick by three feet.”

Market Innovations Through Dual-Casting and Lightweighting

The discourse extends to Sorbothane’s historic and innovative dual-casting technique – a process seamlessly integrated with diverse materials such as fabrics and plastics that Sorbothane has been utilizing for 30 years. This technology not only enhances product performance but also broadens the scope of applications, from ergonomic footwear to high-efficiency machinery. Church continues to elaborate on Sorbothane’s potential for innovation in response to evolving markets. With trends like “lightweighting” gaining prominence, Church highlights Sorbothane’s future developments and emphasizes its enduring dominance in the face of these changes. Sorbothane has continuously pushed itself and the industry forward to maintain relevance and reliability as a material.

Listen to Church and Froese’s Engaging Conversation Tech Tuesdays

If you want to learn more about Sorbothane’s ability to provide shock attenuating technology, its various applications across multiple industries, and the rich history of Sorbothane, tune in to the Technology Tuesdays podcast.