The Basics Of Shock & Vibration Absorbers

shock and vibration absorbersMotion is present in all industrial automation systems. Stopping or changing the direction of that motion releases kinetic energy, which can cause shock and vibration to occur. Any sudden shock in a system can cause immediate damage to the overall machine and the components it may be manufacturing or processing. Consistent vibration inputs can cause damaging fatigue over time. This is why it’s necessary to decelerate a system smoothly through the use of shock and vibration attenuation components.

Based on the type of inputs present in the application, vibration and shock attenuation components can be comprised of: shock absorbers, linear dampers, spring isolators, elastomeric isolators, air springs or structural damping treatments. These devices help manufacturers reduce equipment downtime and costly cycle time limitations.

Sorbothane®, A Viscoelastic Material, Effectively Damps Vibration and Attenuates Shock

Besides mechanical devices, elastomer pads also damp vibration and isolate shock loads. Sorbothane components – mounts, bushings and washers dissipate energy in a variety of applications. The geometry, thickness and durometer of the material pieces can be tailored to meet specific design requirements. Common uses are in: lab and testing equipment, consumer appliances, aerospace, fitness equipment, foundations for presses, plants and machines, as impact plates and in many other applications.

Sorbothane is a thermoset that attenuates shock with near-faultless memory. That means its deformation is elastic, so pads of the material reliably return to their original shape. Custom and standards parts made of Sorbothane work for vibration damping and isolation, acoustic damping and shock attenuation. Sorbothane works by turning mechanical energy into heat as the material is deformed. Molecular friction generates heat energy that translates perpendicularly away from the axis of incidence.

Predicting the natural frequency of an application lets shock and vibration engineers target known disturbance frequencies to dissipate energy. The lower the ratio of natural system frequency to disturbance frequency, the more it’s possible to isolate problem vibrations.< Sorbothane components isolate vibrations and dissipate shock. They are designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and durometers to satisfy any design and function requirements.

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