The Getty Museum

Jackson Pollock's "Mural" in the Getty Museum with an admiring patron in a red dress in front.

Custom Transportation Crate for Jackson Pollock’s Mural


Transportation, Shipping & Logistics


Custom Designed Shipping Crate


Safely transport Jackson Pollock’s 8 x 20, 345 lbs. abstract painting Mural in a 10-foot-tall 3,200 lbs. crate via truck, boat, and cargo plane to share the monolithic masterpiece with the world.


To transport Jackson Pollock’s priceless and irreplaceable monolithic painting, Mural, the Getty Museum partnered with Sorbothane, Inc. for the most reliable shock and vibration solution possible. Although the artwork was well-insulated from potential pitfalls in transit, during its restoration at the Getty Museum, art experts worked with Sorbothane, Inc. engineers to create a custom crate lined with Sorbothane® to ensure proper vibration-damping during various forms of transport to locations throughout the world. Using Sorbothane’s viscoelastic material, the custom transportation crate provides significantly better shock resistance than foam rubber in traditional transportation crates.