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Liberty Bell secured with Sorbothane wheeled carriage support system.

Liberty Bell Center


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Liberty Bell Wheeled Carriage Support System.


Move the Liberty Bell 935 feet to The Philadelphia Museum of Art without causing any further expansion of the historic crack.


A tremendous amount of care was needed when attempting to move this national treasure, and Sorbothane, Inc. was more than up to the challenge. A specially-designed wheeled carriage outfitted with Sorbothane® isolation mounts supported the bell and prevented the transfer of harmful shock and hazardous vibration energy. Designed in accordance with classic shock and vibration principles, the final result was a composite structure of steel and Sorbothane. Steel plates provided the “column strength” and maintained the correct shape factor while alternating layers of Sorbothane isolated the bell from harmonic vibrations. In addition, dynamic deflection of the isolator assembly prevented shock energy transfer.

Moving The Liberty Bell – Wheeled Carriage –