A Really Good Elastic Polymer Material

A really good elastic polymer material has good damping properties and can be used in a variety of applications to absorb shock, dissipate heat, isolate vibration, or damp noise. It will have a high damping coefficient, indicating that the material will bounce back or return energy to the system. It needs to be work in a wide range of temperatures and environments, including exposure to chemicals. It must conform to any shape or size or thickness without adding bulk or weight to the item. The material should be easy to cut in order to custom fit it to the desired location. It must be cost effective and readily available.

Where can we find this material?

Such a material exists in the American-made Sorbothane. Sorbothane® is recognized worldwide as the ultimate material for attenuating shock, isolating vibration and damping noise. No synthetic rubber or polymer can dissipate energy as effectively. Sorbothane is a highly damped, viscoelastic polymeric solid that flows like a liquid under load. Sorbothane is a unique material and may be the best solution to many types of situations where vibration damping is a must. It is a polymer blend and can be designed to conform to any shape or size as well as made to be any thickness that is needed. It does not add bulk or weight to an item and is better able to withstand a wide range of temperatures or fluctuations in temperatures without hardening, melting or getting sticky. It can withstand a number of chemicals that it might be exposed to as well.

What are the uses of this material?

Since 1982, Sorbothane, Inc. has engineered individualized shock and vibration solutions for numerous and diverse markets. Sorbothane components protect mobile electronic devises from drop shock damage. Precision lab equipment is isolated from unwanted vibration by Sorbothane. Consumer and commercial products benefit from Sorbothane’s ability to damp out damaging and annoying vibration and shock. Manufacturing equipment “floats” on Sorbothane mounts to last longer and run more efficiently. Custom engineered Sorbothane parts protect delicate aerospace and aeronautical assemblies form the demands of space and air travel.

Sorbothane has a complete range of damping material properties. It allows excessive noise and heat to be safely dissipated before it reaches the human operators. It prevents vibrational creep, the action of a machine moving out of place due to the vibrations during operation. It can also absorb some of the vibrations at joinings in some machines. New designs, especially those that use newer, composite materials, may need to use different types of bonding agents, which makes the pieces stronger but also eliminates one of the methods of damping. Sorbothane restores that ability without changing the strength or design of the machine and without impacting user safety.

Are custom solutions available?

Since 1982 our engineers have been in the business of finding answers to unusual problems. From protecting the vital NASA shuttle camera during launch to damping the wind energy and preventing destructive oscillation during construction of the 270 feet high Air Force Memorial distinctive spires, Sorbothane engineers are bringing real solutions to difficult problems. Unique applications call for very innovative solutions. Our engineering team will help design the custom Sorbothane component perfect for your individual product specifications. Contact us today for a quote on your application or to have our engineers answer your questions.