Absorb the Shock with Sorbothane

Shock Absorption All Around Us

Whether you are a manufacturing industry professional or a hobby runner, there’s no doubt that shock absorber material is of vital interest to you. Because they are used in such a wide variety of industries and day-to-day athletic activities, shock absorber material may be something that you take for granted, but the magic and science of these materials are evident in many of the things that we do, and Sorbothane is responsible for bringing these materials into our world.

Sorbothane’s Shock Absorbing Padding

Sorbothane is the world’s premier shock absorber material supplier, and through its long history of providing innovative products in the field of shock absorption, has introduced a series of shock absorbing padding that is equally useful when used in factories or in walking shoes. These pads can be created in virtually any color, size or shape that you need for your individualized purpose to provide important security from shock impact damage.

Sorbothane® Protects Products in Delivery

If you manufacture a product that is shipped long distances, you can protect your product from shipping impact damage by using Sorbothane materials within cargo containers. Regardless of if you ship your items by air, truck or ship, the versatile and resilient shock absorber material will ensure safe travel to their destination. Because of its strong memory qualities, Sorbothane’s elasticity returns to its original shape immediately after stress release and has the ability to endure its form and shape through both grueling heat and cold, making it ideal for almost any situation.

Sorbothane as an Aid in Athletics

If you are an athlete, either professional or novice, who wants the ability to train and exercise without enduring the constant potential of a stress impact injury to your body, Sorbothane materials have what you need. Runners across the globe love using insoles to protect their feet, ankles, and knees from impact injuries. Professional gymnasts use Sorbothane’s renowned ShockSox to help them train and ultimately return to competition following an injury by offering extra impact protection during the healing process. Outside of the world of professional athletics, many regular people who spend long days on their feet use arch insoles on a day-to-day basis for comfort and to protect the longevity of their legs and back.

A Wide Variety of Product Applications

Shock absorbing sheets manufactured by Sorbothane are utilized in a wide variety of manufactured products including insoles, baseball glove inserts, tennis rackets, bicycle helmets, car seats, protective athletic gear, and much more. These sheets are produced in 12”x12” and 24”x24” sizes, allowing for customization at the facility through a variety of industrial material cutting processes, including razor, die cut, and water jet.

Different Shapes, Sizes, and Uses

Because the viscoelastic polymer is so easily engineered into various shapes and sizes for limitless custom uses, Sorbothane offers a wide array of multi-use shock absorber materials including pads, industrial machine parts, and many other applications. The Sorbothane products guide offers a comprehensive look into the many varied products that offer shock impact absorption for people all over the world, every day.

Adaptable to Your Needs

No matter what your need for shock absorber material is, there is no doubt that Sorbothane, Inc. will have exactly what you need. Interested in learning more about Sorbothane material solutions? Download our Standard Products Guide today.