Run Safe – Buy a Running Shoe with Shock Absorbing Padding

It’s widely known that running is one of the most valuable and simple exercises to assure overall body health. If you have chosen to run for your health, it’s important, however, that you know all the details on how to run safely to assure that you maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. The impact of running on city streets can wreak havoc on your feet, ankles and knees, and assuring that you are wearing shoes with shock absorbing padding to reduce the impact of running on asphalt.

Sneakers with insoles manufactured specifically for running are made for the purpose of protecting your feet and knees from all high impact activities, such as walking, running, and track and field events. The pressure on your lower extremities increases by large amounts during physical activity, creating a scenario where injury to the legs, knees, or back become very common.  If the shoes you are wearing during these activities do not feature shock absorbing padding to provide you with enough cushion, you run the risk of injury and are likely to find yourself uncomfortable while exercising.

Shock absorbing padding in shoes and insoles is typically made of a specialized rubber, foam, or gel, and includes a generous amount of arch support to protect the foot. Because of the visceral nature of the shock absorbent padding in insoles, your foot will ease into the shoe over time, allowing it to curve and shape itself to precisely match your foot, providing you with additional protection. Custom made insoles are available for the serious runner who has a few extra dollars to spend on their running accessories, though it’s not completely necessary for all runners to have custom soles made.

If you have already sustained an injury such as a pulled muscle, ankle sprain, or shin splints, some foot health professionals will likely recommend using insoles for everyday use, and not just for your running activities. Using quality shock absorbing padding in your day to day shoes can not only protect you against possible injury, but can also assist your body in healing from a former injury, and increase your chances of being able to run again more quickly.

Clearly, there are many benefits to purchasing sneakers that are made primarily for running or high impact activities. Even if you’ve never experienced injury or body pain from walking or running, shock absorbing padding in your sneakers – either as a part of an existing shoe or purchased separately as an insole, can be helpful in prolonging your body’s ability to exercise in a high impact manner by decreasing the amount of impact stress on your knees and feet.

Proper running shoes or insoles assure that shock absorption padding is giving your body the impact stress relief it deserves, and increasing your body’s chances of being able to exercise later in life. Injuries to the feet, knees, or back as a result of impact damage lessens your chances of exercise longevity, and we all know that a well-cared for body will ensure for a long, happy life.

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